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Khor Kalba & Kalba Corniche | Following The Bikers’ Trail

December 14, 2014



My husband is a biker, a late bloomer in that. Like most Bengali boys with overprotective parents, this boy’s passion in wanting to *be one with the machine*, saw the light much later in life. On Fridays, much before the break of dawn, S is out of the house as he joins the other bikers […]

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Food e Mag dxb | The Festive Issue

December 7, 2014


Festive Issue, Food e Mag dxb

Presenting the Festive Special Issue of Food e Mag dxb… exclusive write ups, inspiring festive recipes, a peep into the Markets, edible gift ideas, the most delicious venues around the city, new launches, Turkey takeaways, a winter getaway, some serious food porn and more… we have tried to include everything that you might need to […]

Dining Concept | Dining Around Dubai With Foodiva

December 6, 2014


Dining around with Foodiva

Fun is the new fine dining! Unique dining concepts offering something unexpected every time – this has been the recent dining trend in Dubai in recent times. This season, I have been lucky to have experienced a variety of them, alibi exclusive dinner invites at different venues or booking into pop-ups and other dining experiences […]

Farmers Market On The Terrace | Breakfast Picnic and Knowing Your Local Farmers

November 29, 2014


Farmers Market

Imagine breakfast on Fridays sitting on a wooden bench or on a picnic mat on green grass surrounded by locally produced fresh, bright organic vegetables available at affordable prices. Does the term ‘affordable’, that too ‘organic’ even exist in Dubai, you wonder? Yes, it does. Cooler weather brings local, organic, seasonal produce to the original […]

Food e Mag dxb | The Autumn Issue

November 24, 2014


The Autumn Issue - Food e Mag dxb

Presenting the Autumn Issue of Food e Mag dxb (the Christmas activities around the corner just made me realise that I had missed sharing this on my blog), featuring a beautiful Autumn and a Pink October… Diwali and Halloween. Inspired recipes, culinary travels, chef interview and a roundup of the best dining experiences in Dubai. […]

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Ronda Locatelli | The Truffle Story With Giorgio Locatelli

November 23, 2014


Truffle Pasta

Poetry on Truffles! No, I haven’t been brought up with the knowledge of these ‘fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus’ that creates such an exciting topic of conversation amongst my foodie friends. It was not until I read a post written by Francine (aka Life in the Food Lane) that I became completely mersmerised […]

Learning To Cook Risotto The Italian Way And A Creamy Brothy Recipe of Risotto Alla Milanese

November 22, 2014


The Italians had been in town recently. Not one, not two, but more than 40 Italian Master Chefs from Italy and around the world, 25 of them associated with Michelin starred restaurants. The 6th Italian Cuisine World Summit is back to Dubai for the second year in a row, after the overwhelming success of the […]

Kebab Bistro | A Parsi Lunch Buffet To Remember

November 2, 2014



A huge group of friends, a visiting mom, some noisy children and a lot of hungry tummies – when all descend on a small restaurant tucked away in a small side alley in Satwa-Jumeirah for a Friday lunch, what’s the result? Chaos, a delicious chaos! Jargons aside, this is one lunch buffet to remember. Kebab […]

Greg Malouf | Unlocking Of Clé Dubai

October 17, 2014


Chef Greg Malouf

A home grown restaurant – a home grown destination restaurant – a home grown fine dining destination restaurant – a Michelin starred Chef’s home grown fine dining destination restaurant (striking the previous part after a Michelin controversy that ensued with a comment left behind by a very respected food expert and some email exchanges wit […]

Bhapa Mishti Doi and A Food Safari of Bengal | BBC GoodFood ME

October 5, 2014



Eid Mubarak and Shubho Bijoya to all of you! Born a Hindu and brought up embracing all faiths, I am always amazed to find how different festivals from different faiths almost always coincide with each other – as if underlining my belief that we are ultimately bound by only one faith – that of humanity. […]

#MyDubaiTrip Itinerary For Peeta Planet | A Photo Essay

September 5, 2014


Vote for @IshitaUnblogged's #MyDubaiTrip Itinerary for Peeta Planet

Back to Dubai after a long summer hibernation in Kolkata and other places in India by jumping into a very interesting campaign. If you have been reading my blog and knows me for long, would know that Dubai for me, means more than just a city of blingy shopping malls and highrises. I have created […]

Flurys in Kolkata | The Legend Still Continues in Park Street

August 2, 2014


Flury's in Park Street

Five generations of Fine Confection… Flurys! Flurys is legendary. Everybody who has any Kolkata connection, has some nostalgic associations with Flurys. Even today with each locality and neighborhood having many confectioneries and cake shops – some locally bred brands (Cookie Jar, Cakes etc) or multinational franchises, Flurys still manages to create a distinctive image in […]

Ramadan Food Trail With Calcutta Walks | As The Muezzin Calls

July 29, 2014


Ramadan Food Walk with Calcutta Walks

‘Why do you need to go on a food tour in Kolkata with a guide?’ My friends and family members were pretty baffled. I, who have been going around each and every lane, bylane, market, sweet shop, food kiosk, restaurant in Kolkata – with my Nikon, smartphone and the Z-Sisters in tow. Well that’s true. […]

Scoop In Outram Ghat | Yesss, It Still Exists!

July 15, 2014


Scoop at Princep Ghat, Kolkat

A comment left on my Instagram post by my cousin sis who had been my closest friend during my childhood, left me in utter confusion… ‘Does Scoop still exist in Kolkata? Khoj korish toh/do check!’ The referred scoop is not an ordinary scoop of ice cream or a new piece of gossip doing the media […]

Food e Mag dxb | The Ramadan Issue

July 13, 2014


Food e Mag dxb, Ramadan Issue

[Edited on 5th Nov, 2014: Food e Mag dxb now has its own inbuilt reader in its own website. There have been a few changes in the Editorial team.] This is the Ramadan edition of Food e Mag dxb , the magazine that I have been co-editing with my talented blogger friend, The Hedonista. If […]

Opening Up My Bengali Kitchen For Dima Sharif | #RamadanSpecial2014

July 9, 2014



Ramadan Kareem! As I leave Dubai for the summers and settle down in Kolkata for almost two months (my summer hibernation as I like to call it, and probably for a lot of Dubai expats as well), I am overcome with tremendous guilt. Guilt for leaving my adopted home for far too long and also […]

A Different Kind of An Iftar | #FillingTheBlues

June 28, 2014



Originally posted on CoffeeCakesAndRunning:
Another great initiative from Moti Roti and other local businesses plus a few of us bloggers during Ramadan. Please support if you can, it’s so rewarding to bring a smile to the faces of guys like this. Photo is from 2 years ago when a similar event took place What is…

Ramadan in Dubai | The Iftars And Suhoors Around Town

June 26, 2014


Iftar offering at Qbara

Ramadan is just around the corner. So are the summer holidays. While previously, you would expect the summer expat story to begin with many expats leaving Dubai for their respective homes during the summers, nowadays I find that a lot of families are actually staying back here (where else would you get air-conditioned car parks?) […]


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