My Kolkata Konnection

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

Kolkata is my city, my home. It stirs up my emotions, it stirs up my soul. The city at dusk through the heavy dark thunder clouds, the incessant noise from the crowded streets, the familiar and the unfamiliar faces, the multiple options of local savouries, the hurtling riot of colours – these rejuvenate me. Born and brought up for the most part in Kolkata, my Bengali genes are to be blamed not only for my relentless creative pursuits but also my unsatiated taste-buds. Wherever I go or whichever city I have lived in and set up our homes later in my life, there has always been a reference to something or someplace or somebody or some incident in Kolkata.

It amuses me and irritates me. Imagine finding Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, to be similar to water-logged North Kolkata. Definitely not a romantic idea of a few Euros well spent! My friends who have no prior experience of Kolkata, often ask me – ‘What do you like about Kolkata?’or ‘Hey, we want to visit Kolkata. What do you suggest we should see?’ – these questions make me nervous, as well as excited. Nervous, because I want them to like my Kolkata. Excited, because I have a huge things-to-do-list which I can hand over!

How can I explain to them that one has feel the city, live the city and then only realise what Kolkata is. It is as good as living in a kaleidoscope. For those who haven’t had any prior ‘Kolkata’ experience, I hope I can show them Kolkata in my way. For, I cannot ever severe my soul Konnection. I know that’s not the Korrect spelling but Connection with a K is the only random thing that matches with my city, Kolkata!


Dubai is my adopted home currently and most of the food posts have been juxtaposed against my Kolkata nostalgia or my living experiences in the UAE. In most of my writings, culture, history, recipes, food stories and nostalgia unfold amidst the urban backdrop of Dubai. Hence, sometimes I’ve not been able to clearly demarcate between Dubai and Kolkata posts. Do click on this link for all that I have written in this blog – Recipes, Food Reviews, Interviews, Food Events and Culinary Travel. And here, for all posts that fall under the category of Kolkata.


In the courtyard of an old colonial building - now housing a primary schoolThe ceiling inside an Ambassador taxi - where will I find art next? On the lamp-post, perhaps!The famous Howrah Bridge from the banks of the Ganges on the Howrah Side

Disclaimer: Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the subject, story, opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. While you enjoy reading the posts with lot of visuals, please do not use any material from this post. You can catch my daily travel and food journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Tracking My Footprints

The World Awaits for me to wander. ‘It’s a new world – it’s a new start/ It’s alive with the beating of young hearts… Here I am…’ Artist: Bryan Adams from the Movie ‘Spirit’. That is the idea behind the title of the Parent Category under which all the posts are listed and photos are cataloged.

Following are the various places in the world that I have visited: Tracking My Footprints

Following are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that I have visited:
In India
In Asia (outside India)
In Europe

20 Responses “My Kolkata Konnection” →
  1. A city which reflect culture…


  2. Kingshuk

    April 30, 2013

    I liked the way you wrote it. And yes, this city do ‘Konnect’ to the soul. No matter what, at the end of the day, it’s ‘my city’! :)


  3. Sanghamitra Banerjee

    May 24, 2013

    U can take a Bangali out of Kolkata…but u cannot take Kolkata out of a bangali…no matter how far we are from our roots…staying in Dubai…your blogs make me nostalgic and stay Konnected..keep up the gud work !!! :)

  4. I have left…abandoned…and kept coming back to my Kolkata. It never ceases to amaze me. And strangely enough it has been more often than not…I will ALWAYS find a Calcuttan in every nook n corner of the blessed globe! Heres to good ole Sutanuti :0

    • I guess I have the same feeling Rana. You cannot ‘not’ return. I love Kolkata with all its idiosyncrasies. BTW, the link to your blog doesn’t work.

  5. I have lived in Kolkata for 6 months. It was 10 years back. The city of colors. Like your blog so much. Lively.

  6. Like your blog!


  7. mintyskitchen

    January 28, 2014

    This is my food blog – it’s pretty new. Yours is so impressive!


  8. mintyskitchen

    January 28, 2014

    It’s here a mix of European and Indian food. Only one Indian dish so far.


  9. Bob Khanna

    August 1, 2014

    Nicely done…I left Calcutta after 38 years of having lived there, and still have a major part of my family there, which is what takes me back every year…however, my growing up days in this great city haunt me still, and after having made Dubai my home since the last 15 years, I am still very much a Calcuttan…love it to bits…

    • Thank you Bob for leaving such a warm comment. If you can accept the idiosyncrasies of Kolkata, you are betrothed to the city for ever!

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Brilliant food (still dreaming about the beef tenderloin, the black cod in miso, the crunchy king prawn in kafir lime and the chocolate brownie with raspberry sorbet... and oh, the super spicy Thai Bellini), stunning view... this is the newly launched outdoor lounge - Zeta. And unlike other Dubai lounges, a lot of kids around in a separate dining area. So this can get as romantic or as family friendly as you want. The only challenge that I foresee are the summers - but I think that by that time they would have another *cool* plan in place!

#GoodMorningDubai #Zeta #Japanese #restaurant #outdoor #lounge #AddressHotels #Downtown #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged @theaddresshotels 2 types of lefftover pasta strirred up to create the most delicious hotch potch pasta! What's cooking up for you today?

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Inspiring recipes, chef talk, culinary travels, a roundup of the best dining venues in Dubai... read on!

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