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While you leave your comments, I would like you all to share this blog with like-minded people for whom Travelling, Photography and Food are pure passions just like us [Read more on us...] Suggestions to make the site more interesting are more than welcome. So are suggestions of links and sites which might be of similar interest to us so that I could pin them on my Pin Board or LIKE on Facebook or FOLLOW on Twitter and Instagram. All images (unless otherwise mentioned), content and graphics belong to IshitaPhotoIdeas and IshitaUnblogged respectively. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, if you wish to feature any image or the blog or wish to get in touch with me regarding features on Food and Travel, please leave a message via the form below.

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  1. Joellen Krauss

    June 12, 2012

    Hello Ishita,

    I am emailing you because I saw on your website that you had a few other guest post contributions in the past and wanted to see if I could offer one as well.

    Here are a few potential ideas for your site that I think fits your audience well:

    Title: Quality Family Time and How You Can Make it Work
    Topic/Overview: Unique and fun things to do with the whole family.Times are changing each day and finding ways to spend quality time with the whole family is becoming more and more difficult. Quality time is important for any family. Here you can find some great and unique ways to get the family together for a day or night of fun and bonding.

    Title: Fun Ways to Spend Time with your Kids.
    Topic/Overview: The writer can run wild with topic including changing the title. However, he/she should make the “fun ways” fun and easy. The writer the lesson learnt after spending time in the ways they (writer) chose.

    Do any of these sound good to you? Would love to be featured on your site.


    Freelance Writer

    • Thanks Joellen for your interest in my blog. I have never had any guest post contributions in the past. Not that I’m averse to it. But probably not right now. And my blog is all about travel and food journeys. So right now the subjects on which you wish to contribute, may not suit the blog. Do look forward to you and reading my blog though. Regards – Ishita

  2. Hi there,

    Would it be possible to provide us with an email address so we could get in touch with regards to upcoming food events in Dubai?

    Please send it to

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards,
    Linda Jacob

  3. Hi Ishita,

    I got to know about your blog through some of your Fooderati Arabia friends who came to the Manolo at Da Vinci’s event. Debbie and Grace referred me to the website and I discovered your blog. :)

    Was hoping you could come with them as well to our next event happening on 16th November 2012. Should you be interested, please drop me a mail:

    Have a fab weekend!



  4. Mario Diaz

    November 20, 2012

    Hi Ishita,

    Just messaged you from your site.
    please have a look and get back, as soon as you can.


    Bikers Cafe Dubai


  5. Ambica Pradeep

    August 21, 2013

    Could you send me your email id?


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Also our stay in Srilanka a decade back, our trip to Trincomalee and Srilankan Food.

#rightnow #onair #TheTravelShow #DubaiEye #Kolkata #Srilanka #Dubai #foodieontour Homemade superfruit lollies... sesame seeds a mini sprinkles?

Another of Big Z's creations. This weekend was spent literally eating off my 10 year old's hands! Do you encourage your children to cook? Or does cooking with children makes you anxious?

#Sunday #homemade #inmykitchen #delicious #yummy #fruitlollies #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Blueberry and grapes + some crunchy cereals go into Big Z's homemade jam. Toast and homemade jam... what else does one need for breakfast? 
#GoodMorningDubai #homemade #delicious #fruitjam #weekend #breakfast #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Friday meal... conceived and prepared by Big Z. Recyled newspaper as table mats... inspiration @smilingbkk! 
@shrishtizitasaha, it was a delicious meal. Signing off with a smile... goodnight everyone:) #weekend #inmykitchen #foodgasm #foodporn #nomnomnom #delicious #yummy #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Good Morning! Not exactly a breakfast idea, but anytime can be a *sweet* time, right? 
Kickstarting my Friday special food and travel story today with this Malva Pudding #latergram. What's your weekend story?

#GoodMorningDubai #dessert #weekend #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged South Indian Filter Coffee... the need of the hour.

Reminiscing a coffee-and-blogging-discussion morning from the prehistoric age with blogger friends @mycustardpie @fryingpanadventures @foodnflavors @rituchats @maayeka and others!

#filtercoffee #coffee #SouthIndian #restaurant #BankStreet #BurDubai #Dubai #myDubai #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged We were focussing on the salad... I swear! A working-and-catching-up-after-the-summers lunch with @thehedonista at the recently opened Olive Garden.

#OliveGarden #Italian #restaurant #AlManara #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Good Morning! One of our repeat orders at Chef Silvena Rowe's Omnia Gourmet... Grilled Chicken Kofteh. A signature dish, there is no oil in it and the Chef tells me that the richness comes from combining it with sautéed Spinach, mashed Sweet Potato mash with a Coriander Salsa, the spicy red Harissa (a Maghrebian hot Chili pepper paste) and Cumin Labneh (strained yogurt very popular locally). Kickstarting my food and travel story with this brilliant lunch #latergram @omniabysilvena. What's yours?

#GoodMorningDubai #lunch #OmniaGourmet #GourmetSouk #Jumeirah #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged #foodgasm #foodporn #nomnomnom

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