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On air

The Road Less Travelled on Dubai Eye 103.8FM | September 2014

Joining the travel team – Lucy Taylor and Mark Lloyd of The Travel Show in Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, as I talk about my passion for travel and the cuisines of Kolkata and Sri Lanka. Listen to the podcast…

On print

BBC GoodFood ME – Food Safari of Bengal | October 2014

My journey from childhood until now, a food safari of Bengal and recipes of Mustard Fish and Mishti Doi in the 7th Anniversary bumper issue of BBC GoodFood ME. Read more… full

Ahlan Gourmet | February 2013

Luchi debuts in Ahlan! Gourmet, it’s name and dignity intact, along with Kosha Mangsho and Polao and I’m one happy Bong foodie! Read more…

BBC GoodFood ME  ‘Meet the Blogger’ | August 2012

Featured in the section ‘Meet the Blogger’ of BBC GoodFood Middle East. A few posts down the line, a few good blogger friends made down the way, a few inspiring bloggers to look up to, a few ups and downs and some moments of real high! Read more…


On TV and other online channels

Zee Connect episode of Zee TV ME | June, 2014

I created a contemporary menu with all the nuances of traditional Bengali cuisine for the ‘Cook The Books’ in BookMunch, an unique monthly event where the host Chef talked about his/her cookbook or some recipes from their favourite cookbooks, followed by a dinner where the menu had been created by the host Chef. Read more…

Ramadan Special video for Dima Sharif | July 2014

Dima Sharif has created a video in which I have opened up my Bengali kitchen and lay my soul bare with the dilemmas of expat living. Read more…

UAE National Day Special for My Dubai My City | 2nd December, 2012

I host an episode of ‘This is my Kitchen’, a segment in My Dubai My City (@MyDubaiMyCity), the first video guide to the city of Dubai. Read more…


On Dubai One & Noor Dubai | August, 2012

Showcasing the most famous of Bengali Sweets – the Rôshogolla or Rasgulla on local TV channels – Noor Dubai TV and Dubai One as a part of Ramadan special episodes. If this doesn’t reflect the multi-cultural aspect of Dubai, what else will? Read more…


On the web

‘Middle Eastern Food Blogs To Check Out’ in Fine Dining Lovers | March 30, 2013

Featured in Fine Dining Lovers as one of the Middle Eastern Food Blogs To Check Out as part of the Best of the Blogs series. ‘These blogs are colorful, informative and give you a sense of the mosaic of influences that give birth to the cuisine of the region.’ It writes – ‘Writer, photographer and mother of two, Ishita travels with with family in tow. Her blog presents culinary adventures from Dubai, Kolkata and beyond’. Clearly from street-food to fine-dining – I’m eating well!

Beram & Tajine E-Magazine | 3rd December, 2012


The December edition of Beram & Tajine E-Magazine, the first Egyptian/Moroccan e-magazine in the Middle East, features my traditional Bengali sweet recipes. Assia from Assia Kitchen (Moments Culinaires) presents this beautiful ‘International’ issue.


Gold Award Winner in 2014 Expat Star Awards by

Gold Award winner in 2014 Expat Star Awards,

Expats Blog Awards | 3rd December, 2012

Living in United Arab EmiratesInterview in Expats Blog – From Kolkata to Dubai – Expat Interview With Ishita. Some of the comments left by the readers have made me go into an emotional topsy-turvy.



Expat Echo | 15th October, 2012


Interview in Expat Echo Dubai – Dubai expat Interview – Ishita Saha

Theme Showcase Blog in Inuit theme in WordPress | July, 2012

Chosen by WordPress as a Showcase blog for it’s Inuit theme since July, 2012. This means that yes, I’ve been able to turn the theme upside down, used the features provided in the theme to make my blog look the way it looks and yes, have WordPress declare the blog as one of the ‘Awesome blogs using Inuit Types’. Of-course, this does bring in a few extra traffic – never mind if the user was looking for a sports blog or a technical blog and ended up in my Culinary Travel blog!Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 07.42.47

Featured elsewhere in the blogging community


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  1. Nerd With Taste

    January 1, 2013

    I love your photography of not only food but also the sights and people of Dubai! Awesome! ~

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#GoodMorningDubai #Diwali #festive #Dubai #myDubai #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Good Morning! What is your food and travel story today? Mine is a beautiful, beautiful Sumac salad day... last minute salvaging for what onslaught Diwali is going to bring tomorrow! 
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#GoodMorningDubai #TeaRoom #RitzCarlton #TheWalk #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Lagan nu Custard... the Parsi layered custard that are originally made during weddings. Reminiscing yesterday's brilliant Parsi lunch buffet.

#Parsi #Dessert #lunch #KebabBistro  #AlWasl #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Parsi Taamota Par Edu... egg layered on a thick tomato gravy - a dish to practically die for. Apart from the regular Parsi dishes - Dhansag, Sali Boti Chicken, Patrani Macchi... Laganu Custard.

An incredible Friday buffet at Dhs 50 - over ate to the hilt. Blogpost surely!!! #Parsi #Lunch #Buffet #KebabBistro #AlWasl #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Good Morning! Interview with the soft-spoken Chef Greg Malouf on my blog... as we chatted about his Middle Eastern take on @cledubai's menu, his views on local produce... and an experimental tagine designed by him.

Kickstarting my weekend-special food and travel story today with this interview that I took a month back, long before the brouhaha of Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton took place!

#ontheblog #blogpost #GregMalouf #interview #CleDubai #DIFC #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged

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