Ramadan in Dubai | The Iftars And Suhoors Around Town

June 26, 2014


Iftar offering at Qbara

Ramadan is just around the corner. So are the summer holidays. While previously, you would expect the summer expat story to begin with many expats leaving Dubai for their respective homes during the summers, nowadays I find that a lot of families are actually staying back here (where else would you get air-conditioned car parks?) […]

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Omnia Gourmet by Chef Silvena | Decadence, Deliciousness & A Lot of Expectations!

June 13, 2014


Omnia Gourmet by Silvena

Everybody in Dubai knows celebrity chef Silvena Rowe right now. Solving weekly kitchen problems as the Domestic Diva in the popular Friday Magazine and doling out scrumptious exotic-do-able-at-home recipes, she is probably the only resident celebrity chef in Dubai. She is also the only celebrity chef on my speed dial. I have been following her […]

How Did I Fare In Showcasing My Bengali Cuisine? | On Zee TV Middle East

June 9, 2014


The Gourmet Starters

The Bengali Gourmet evening at BookMunch was very important and special to me. This was the first time I had attempted to showcase Bengali Cuisine in a bit more elaborate way – a modern menu that had been created with all the nuances of traditional Bengali cuisine. It was for the ‘Cook The Books’ in […]

Eat Greek | Kadaifi Jumbo Prawns Or Flamed Grilled Whole Calamari?

June 4, 2014



It’s after a long long time that eating in a Dubai restaurant felt like a dream. Not because of the sun rays that reflected off the blue sea waters over the terrace or the dreamy, lit-up white nests hanging from the ceiling cast magical shadows on the distressed wooden floors. But simply because of a […]

Book Munch | Join Me For A Bengali Gourmet Meal On The 4th June

June 1, 2014


Cook the Books with Ishita Saha

I don’t think that I have left any stone unturned in telling the world about my roots, where I come from and how delicious Bengali food is. Often I am inundated with mails from readers – Where can we have a Bengali Meal in Dubai? Is there any good Bengali Restaurant in Dubai? I don’t […]

Celebration | A Decade Of Mommyhood… Que Sera Sera!

May 31, 2014


Big Z turned 10 years today. Sounds clichéd – yes, time absolutely flies and I don’t know where it flew. My 16 weeks ultras0no report had pronounced that we were having a boy. S however was very sure that it was a girl and had already fixed upon the name Shrishti, meaning Creation. She is […]

Mahec in Le Meridien | When Mango Is The Hero in A Love Story

May 30, 2014


Tandoori Mango with spiced honey

I know that promotion for Mangoes are everywhere around the city at this hour. I am on a severe meal plan and Mangoes are no where mentioned in the plan. I read Madhu’s post Look Who’s Returned to My Mango Trees (she hasn’t written much about mangoes though) and felt hopelessly romantic with the thought […]

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*Pathar ke Gosht*... lamb kebabs cooked on a hot stone. Mutton is marinated for long and is seared on a hot stone over charcoal. I do have this easy amazing recipe, but am waiting to write about the Hyderabadi Biryani... being from Kolkata, I am obviously all for Awadhi Biryani... so a cook off between the Hyderabadi Biryani and Awadhi Biryani is coming soon on the blog!

Guest Chef Shiraj Khan who has been specially flown down from Trident, Hyderabad introduced us to a few more traditional Hyderabadi dishes like *Kacche Gosht ki Biryani* and *Dum ka Murgh* and also some royal Nizami dishes. Starting from today, the *Hyderabad meets Dubai* is on until the 26th September. 
Awadhi/Lucknowy Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani for you?

#traditional #Hyderabadi #Indian #restaurant #Ananta #TheOberoiDubai #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Chatting with Mark and @lucytaylor_uae on the Travel Show @dubaieye. Kolkata, Bengali food, my blogging journey, Mishti Doi and more.

Also our stay in Srilanka a decade back, our trip to Trincomalee and Srilankan Food.

#rightnow #onair #TheTravelShow #DubaiEye #Kolkata #Srilanka #Dubai #foodieontour Homemade superfruit lollies... sesame seeds a mini sprinkles?

Another of Big Z's creations. This weekend was spent literally eating off my 10 year old's hands! Do you encourage your children to cook? Or does cooking with children makes you anxious?

#Sunday #homemade #inmykitchen #delicious #yummy #fruitlollies #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Blueberry and grapes + some crunchy cereals go into Big Z's homemade jam. Toast and homemade jam... what else does one need for breakfast? 
#GoodMorningDubai #homemade #delicious #fruitjam #weekend #breakfast #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Friday meal... conceived and prepared by Big Z. Recyled newspaper as table mats... inspiration @smilingbkk! 
@shrishtizitasaha, it was a delicious meal. Signing off with a smile... goodnight everyone:) #weekend #inmykitchen #foodgasm #foodporn #nomnomnom #delicious #yummy #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged Good Morning! Not exactly a breakfast idea, but anytime can be a *sweet* time, right? 
Kickstarting my Friday special food and travel story today with this Malva Pudding #latergram. What's your weekend story?

#GoodMorningDubai #dessert #weekend #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged South Indian Filter Coffee... the need of the hour.

Reminiscing a coffee-and-blogging-discussion morning from the prehistoric age with blogger friends @mycustardpie @fryingpanadventures @foodnflavors @rituchats @maayeka and others!

#filtercoffee #coffee #SouthIndian #restaurant #BankStreet #BurDubai #Dubai #myDubai #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged We were focussing on the salad... I swear! A working-and-catching-up-after-the-summers lunch with @thehedonista at the recently opened Olive Garden.

#OliveGarden #Italian #restaurant #AlManara #Dubai #myDubai #dubaifood #dubaiunblogged #ishitaunblogged

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