Perfecting the legendary Kolkata Biryani at home

The potato in Kolkata Biryani is my favourite part of the dish. In this Awadhi style of cooking, the dum pukht technique allows the the aromatic juices from the mutton to ooze into the fine grains of rice. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s certainly true in my case, but if I were to be specific about … Read More Perfecting the legendary Kolkata Biryani at home

+ Jerash is a city in Jordan, north of the capital Amman with ruins of the walled Greco-Roman settlement of Gerasa

The World Beyond Dubai & Kolkata

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Dacres Lane | Introducing Kolkata street food in BBC Travel Show UK

I introduce #Kolkata street food to Benjamin Zand for the BBC Travel Show. We had the signature pauruti-stew-ghugni and also the khuchuri combo at the famous Chittoda’s restaurant ~ an eating hole in the office district which boasts of a few regular diners who have been visiting the place for the last 40 years!

+ Bengali Food

Bengali Recipes

Food Essays & Food Stories • Traditional Bengali Cuisine – All the slight details • Roshogolla or Rasgulla • Food, Love And Good Memories Travelling in My Suitcase Recipes Chutneys, Dips & Pickles • Kaancha Aamer Chutney / Green Mango Chutney • Roshuner Achaar / Hot Garlic Pickle • Tok Palonger Chutney / Sour Spinach Chutney Dal & Lentils • Aam Dal | Mango Lentil Soup Flour • Luchi Side-Dish … Read More Bengali Recipes

+ The art alleys of Bastakiya in Bur Dubai


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+ Bengali Taler Bora

Taler Bora or Palm Fruit Nuggets, if I may call them so

When Janmashtami or the annual celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna is in full swing, these fried mini Taler Boras make their entry… sweet – bitter – crunchy entry! My attempt at another futile translation… Taler Bora. Palm Fruit Nuggets? The last time when I translated Phulko Luchi to Bengali puffed-up flour flatbread, I was sure that some of Luchi’s crispiness and fluffiness got lost … Read More Taler Bora or Palm Fruit Nuggets, if I may call them so

+ IshitaUnblogged, a culinary travel blog featuring Dubai, Kolkata and the world beyond

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+ Homemade Lachha ParathaLachha

Lachha Paratha – Love and ghee in every layer

We made Lachha Parathas at home the other day. They turned out to be smoky, crispy and slightly flaky, just like they should be – only a bit less oily and slightly thicker. Making the multi layered Lachha Paratha at home was another feat. Much like making Acharuli, the boat-shaped Georgian cheese bread at home. Or perfecting the Awadhi style Kolkata Mutton Biryani. The … Read More Lachha Paratha – Love and ghee in every layer