Kolkata stirs up my soul. Wherever I go, whichever city I live in and call that my home, there is always a reference to something or someplace or somebody or some incident in Kolkata. It amuses me sometimes as well as it irritates me. I end up finding Venice as water-logged North Kolkata! I cannot ever severe my soul Konnection...

  • Even the water pipes seem regal against the sunset

    Terraces and Beyond – Kolkata

    The terrace or the Chaad as it is called in Bengali has a special designation in my long list of nostalgia. Specially, terraces in Kolkata. From exchanging gossip to plain peeping, I have always found something interesting to do on terraces. I find them fascinating. And this is my tribute to the beauty of my best friend - the Chaad!

  • Finally, Icecream Rasgulla & Blueberry Sauce
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    Icecream Rasgulla with Blueberry Sauce Inspired by Holi

    Holi Nostalgia – The inspiration behind this dessert dish Holi, the festival of colours is probably the most famous of all Indian festivals. The entire land as well as the people of India turns into a big canvas on which colours are smeared upon. I’m always debating as to which Indian festival is more popular – Holi or Diwali? And which is more fun – the blurbs of colours in Holi or the bursting of crackers during Diwali? If you are in India, there isn’t any debate. You can have a super colourful Holi and a very noisy Diwali without getting into any trouble with the law! But, if you…

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    Living By The Water With Sunset As Prop – Kolkata & the Ganges

    The New Year ushered in on a reflective mood with ripples and reflections of the four different cities that we have set our homes in at different point in our lives. These cities have shaped our lives and probably our future destinies as well. However, I realised that two things were common to all the four cities – – We were always living by the water! – We were always facing the West  – hence Sunset became the most necessary prop in all my emotional interludes at all stages of my life! And our homes by the water had been: – Kolkata & the Ganges – Colombo & the Indian…

  • Carousel in Weihnachtsmarkt/Christmas Market, Frankfurt
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    The Magic of Christmas!

    Snowflakes & Santa, strawberries & shortcakes, marzipans and muffins, bon-bons & candies, scented candles and hand-crafted wooden musical boxes and finally everything dipped in chocolate – that’s what dreams are made up of. ALSO the Weihnachtsmarkt or Christmas markets in Germany… Christmas markets originated in Germany, Austria and Alsace in France, particularly in a few places in Europe where people spoke in German. These street markets bestowed with all kind of magic and mystery during the festive season of Christmas dates back to the middle ages. And we sure are fortunate that the tradition still continues, unlike many other traditional faits which have died a natural death with advancement of…

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    The Unlikely Twins – Oberammergau in Germany & Kolkata

    Kolkata Konnektion – My Soul Konnektion! Kolkata is my city, my home. It stirs up my emotions, it stirs up my soul. The city at dusk through the heavy dark thunder clouds, the incessant noise from the crowded streets, the familiar faces, the multiple options of local savouries, the hurting riot of colours – all these rejuvenate me. I get confused when my non-Bengali Indian/Foreign friends ask me what they can do in Kolkata. Can I ask them to just experience a city in its own chaos?   Wherever I go, whichever city I live in and call that my home, there is always a reference to something or someplace…

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    Autos In Kolkata – My Ultimate Road Crush… And Autos All over The World!

    The Auto or the Auto-Rickshaw had been my most reliable mode of transportation through-out my college days back home in Kolkata. I loved the Auto for it’s speed. I thought that they were versatile – maneuvering through the narrowest alleys and the thickest crowd. But most of all I loved the other thing that would come free with the ride – the cool hair-styling done by God’s natural Hair-blower! You cannot underestimate an Auto. In Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) 2010, limited edition auto-rickshaws were unveiled on the opening day for auctioning! For charitable cause of course. In-fact these ordinary Autos were made ‘limited’ by some of the greatest…

  • Bright coloured tuk-tuks on Srilankan roads
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    Red Tuk-Tuks & Triumphant Rides in Colombo… Our Very Own Auto-Rickshaws In Kolkata

    Tuk-tuks in Srilanka Tuk-tuk, as it’s lovingly called, is our very well known auto-rickshaw! Tuk-tuk is a beautiful name, absolutely lyrical & musical. The heroine (I refuse to believe that the tuk-tuk is male!) of today’s post is very significant. Why the tuk-tuk? Because it reminds me of situations which are extreme deviations from the world that is flashing across the television screen right in front of my eyes – The Royal Wedding! The royal guests are all pouring in and the royal relatives arriving from the Buckingham Palace in their fleet of royal cars – the Rolls Royces, the Jaguars, the Range Rovers, the Maybachs etc. The bells of…