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    Barbecue Delights | The Afghani Rosh That’s Forced Me To Discuss Indo-Pak Politics!

    ‘What? You went to Barbecue Delights? But that’s a Pakistani joint’. Yes, sounds incredulous, but many miles across the Indo-Pak border and the LOC (lines of control), we Indians and Pakistanis still let Politics rule our conversations in our Dubai drawing rooms, while pretending to be neutral and oh-so-enlightened-and-educated. When I had started my blog, I had promised myself that I will not be discussing Politics, Religion and other social calamities that might affect the world, not because they didn’t affect me. It’s because I believe that food connects to people, bringing them closer as they dig upon memories and nostalgia – in a way heal the wounds left behind…

  • Romantic Dinner Giveaway From Options by Sanjeev Kapoor

    Romantic Dinner Giveaway From OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor

    Yes, my blog turns one! A big milestone indeed. A few posts down the line, a few blogging ‘good’ friends made down the way, a whole lot of unexpected blog love from all of you… Thank You very much indeed! A Romantic Dinner for two awaits a lucky couple at OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor, featuring the signature dishes of Indian Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. RANNAGHAR, Bengali Food Festival at OPTIONS A la-carte Bengali menu is  being offered alongside the Eid Specials, till 2nd November, 2012 Each month a special food festival is celebrated at OPTIONS. Currently, the restaurant is celebrating the Bengali Food Festival to coincide with the  Bengalis’ biggest…