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+ Cuppa-Corn Sweet Yellow Moments

Cuppa-Corn Sweet Yellow Moments

The fondest food moments are those where the experience and the journey to create these moments are more memorable than the food itself.Β  Cuppa-Corn (or the traditional Cup-A-Corn) made by the Z-SISTERS (my sous-chΓ©fs aged 8 years and 3 years) took me to my childhood fantasy – unlimited Cup-A-Corns without having to ask Mom for money. I wish they could also churn out pink … Read More Cuppa-Corn Sweet Yellow Moments

+ Purple Haze Yoghurt With Purple M&Ms

Purple Haze Yoghurt With Purple M&Ms

The Purple Story A beautiful wedding where the bride is in love with the colour PURPLE. An emotional church wedding followed by a beautiful wedding dinner amidst white silk linens & purple bows, silver & purple butterflies, bubbles & bubblies – signed off by purple M&Ms! M&Ms are perhaps the World’s most popular and colourful chocolate candy lentils and our family is besotted by … Read More Purple Haze Yoghurt With Purple M&Ms


Deep-Sea Fishing & Fresh Fish Barbeque – Persian Gulf

Image: IshitaPhotoIdeas Location: GPS Position: N 25ΒΊ10.547′, E 55ΒΊ 03.587′ – In the blue expanse of the Persian Gulf – 20kms away from the Dubai Coastline. Activity: Deep Sea Fishing on a 33 ft yacht. Duration: 4 hours The team: 9 members – 4 couples, each couple comprising of a Team, plus the Captain cum Lifeguard cum Fishing expert cum Guide. Status: 7 fish … Read More Deep-Sea Fishing & Fresh Fish Barbeque – Persian Gulf

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