My Dubai Diary

Dubai-Creek - one of my favourite places in Dubai

I’ve spent more than a decade in Dubai – the longest stint in any city after Kolkata, the city where I was born. Possessive about Dubai, I try to convince every guest that we have had, about the virtues and beauty that lay beyond the glitzy shopping malls or the swanky cars. For example, the desert in a star-lit night or Bastakia – the art alleys running amidst the traditional houses with its’ alluring wind-towers. Or, simply getting lost in the hidden galleries is my favourite past-time!

Dubai is my adopted home currently and most of the food posts have been juxtaposed against my Kolkata nostalgia or my living experiences in the UAE. In most of my writings, culture, history, recipes, food stories and nostalgia unfold amidst the urban backdrop of Dubai. Hence, sometimes I’ve not been able to clearly demarcate between Dubai and Kolkata posts. Do click on this link for all that I have written in this blog – Recipes, Reviews, Interviews, Food Events and Culinary Travel. And here, for all posts that fall under the category of Dubai and the UAE.


Business Bay district and the Burj Khalifa - at nighttimeBusiness Bay District at Night-time

Alleys of BastakiaDisclaimer: Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the subject, story, opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. While you enjoy reading the posts with lot of visuals, please do not use any material from this post. You can catch my daily travel and food journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Tracking My Footprints

The World Awaits for me to wander. ‘It’s a new world – it’s a new start/ It’s alive with the beating of young hearts… Here I am…’ Artist: Bryan Adams from the Movie ‘Spirit’. That is the idea behind the title of the Parent Category under which all the posts are listed and photos are cataloged.

Following are the various places in the world that I have visited: Tracking My Footprints

Following are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that I have visited:
In India
In Asia (outside India)
In Europe



49 Comments on “My Dubai Diary

  1. Just 2 years here, and me too becoming possessive about Dubai 🙂
    May be because of the openness it offers, a stark opposite to what India offers……

    A very well written article with articles within…..kudos !!

    • I know what you mean. But I guess if you are not possessive about the place you are living in you’ll never enjoy your life. This is a content listing for my Dubai posts – glad you like it:)

  2. i dont have words to describe…………………………….amazinggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Nimesh! Would love to get the Chef’s feedback on the food pages as well:)

    • Very good point. Well there is an article ‘Like a tourist in my own city’ where I’ve tried to make a point that Dubai is not only about shopping and all that is glitz. like How many dark sides of a city do we get to see or ‘want’ to see as a tourist? Since this is a Travel and Culinary Blog I’ve been sticking to these aspects only. Have been meaning to write on other aspects – but that doesn’t really fit my blog so much. Do you have any writings that you might want me to read about?

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  4. Really liked reading through your blog. I am a bengali who was brought up in the US. Now that I live in Dubai, i would love to learn rabindra sangeet…. any idea where one can learn that ???

    • Thank you Swati for dropping by! There is a very informal but closed group in Facebook called ‘Bengalis in Dubai’ and do send in a request to join – you’ll find many Bengalis posting many things that might be of interest. There’s a lady called Madhumita Roy with a band called (Shrishti)… Why don’t you message her (you can take my name, though I still haven’t met her but I am in touch with her). I believe she takes music lessons. If not she can give you an idea where to go.

      Good luck! And it was great hearing from you. My mother has learnt Rabindra Sangeet from Kanika Bandopadyay, Nilima Sen, Subinoy Roy and I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by many such legends. Unfortunately, I do not pursue music. You can see where my passion lies. Keep in touch:)

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  6. Hi Ishita! I am a Kolkata born Aussie living in Dubai (Fancy that!) Could you let me know of any place in Dubai that serves authentic bong food…anything similar to the taste buds developed during during my younger years in Kolkata! I was a frequent diner at Shiraz in Bank Street only to come back from Australia last week to be told it had been shut down for renovations. Would appreciate your recommendations. Cheers – Esha

    • Dear Esha, thanks very much for hopping in and apologies for such a late reply – my site had been down for a while. Well, not too many that I know of. But I have had the ‘Macher Paturi’ and a few other Bengali dishes from Calcutta Fast Foods (in Sharjah) at various friends’ places but personally I have never been there. Also, have heard of a place called the Food Village in Ghusiais – again, I have never been there. Would you be interested in joining in a Bengali meal that I am hosting in BookMunch at Al Wasl Square in 4th June?

      • Hi Ishita, Thanks for your response, no worries about the lateness :-). I would have loved to have joined you for the Bengali meal however i will be back in Australia by then. Please keep me informed about anything that is “Bengali food” related. I am awaiting anxiously for Shiraz to reopen. Hopefully when i am back in a few months it will be. All the best. Esha

    • this blog is really interesting…..finding it very useful and nicely illustrated about different aspects of the city….can anyone comment about Durga Puja in Dubai,.I mean is there any association/organization here in Dubai who celebrates this festival like Bengali puja???any comment will be appreciated…thanks..

      • Thank you very much Tribikram for hopping in. Yes, there is a closed group in FB called Bong Connection Dubai, who organises a Durga Puja. Apart from the one that happens in the temple in the Sindhi temple in Bur Dubai. You can send a request on Facebook to this group. Plus there is a LIVE Mahalaya performance in Indian Consulate by a band called Shristi LIVE – again you will find info on Facebook. Hope this helps.

        • Thank you so much Ishita…..this is indeed useful information for me and also some of my Bengali friends who are new in Dubai like me. I must say Your blog is very lively and full of information….looking forward to get more spices from your such a spontaneous blog…

  7. “Bastakia – the art alleys running amidst the traditional houses with its’ alluring wind-towers. Or, simply getting lost in the hidden galleries is my favourite past-time!”

    Glad I am not the only one who loves getting lost in Bastakia. New “stumbler” on your blog, looks very interesting and entertaining. (New to Dubai as well). Will go explore some more. Keep it going.

    • Hi Lourie… thanks very much for *stumbling* into my blog. And I am glad too that I am not the only one running along the art alleys of Bastakiya.

  8. Visit Sri lanka

    Sri Lanka: A ‘Resplendent Land’
    Sir Arthur C. Clarke – a long time resident of Sri Lanka – once said:
    “The Island of Sri Lanka is a small universe containing as many variations of culture, scenery and climate as some countries a dozen times her size…”
    The island widely dubbed as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a tiny tropical paradise where you can discover anything from golden sun-kissed beaches, mist-shrouded mountains, awe-inspiring ancient monuments to sprawling wildlife parks and lush rain-forests.
    Sri Lanka’s history whispers of tales over 2600 years. Its pre-history consists of stunning temples, man made reservoirs and monasteries.
    The “Lost paradise” considered by many globe trotters is filled with amazing cultural treasures where Portuguese, Dutch and British have all left their footprints here. With varying climates and adventures packed within few miles of each other, Sri Lanka offers an array of experiences from the top of the mountains to depths of the oceans.
    Despite its fame as a seductive tourist destination in the universe, Sri Lanka’s splendor lies with its people. Tea Drinking people in Sri Lanka are famed for their pleasing smiles with big hearts. Introduced to the nation by Colonial British, today the soil of Sri Lanka produces the world’s best tea. Sri Lanka also remains as one of the foremost exporters of high quality spices and precious stones across the world. Today it remains for producing the finest blue sapphires in the world. The country is also in the forefront in producing quality garment products for leading brands in Asia, Europe and the USA.


  9. hey just bumped in your blog while looking for something on net. Really well narrated and articulated. I am not as old in dubai as u r , just 2 years, but I am definitely liking it here a lot.

  10. I like how you don’t just focus on the glamorous attractions that most other people on the Internet do when writing about Dubai. The typical attractions are amazing and you should definitely visit them, but once you have visited them, I advise everyone to go and visit the more artistic and cultural Dubai, you won’t be disappointed!

    I learned this on my first visit to Dubai, I went straight for the attractions that you hear about a lot like Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, completely missing out Old Dubai. This was because I didn’t even know of Old Dubai and was so overwhelmed with how great the attractions were. On my second visit to Dubai, I wanted to explore the different attractions as I had seen the rest, that is when I realise there is so much more to Dubai and I am glad I discovered the cultural and artistic things to do.

  11. Wow.. it’s amazing.. I’m just planning to go.. Thanks for this nice blog.

  12. It’s almost one and half years now since I had moved in last year. I have met up lot of people specifically Indians here, but what kept me thinking is when you are out of your home country, it actually let you be friends with anyone and everyone. . But when it came to bengali in here, still fill up the gaps of nog being able go speak in a language am happy to speak with from the bottom of my heart. .your blog give me that..

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story in UAE country, now I am more encouraged not to fear to go to a Middle East country.

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  15. This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very precise information… Thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

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