Food e Mag dxb | UAE’s First Food & Travel E-Magazine Authored By Bloggers

Food e Mag dxb - The New U

If you are a passionate blogger, work with us. And if you are a F&B outlet or a gourmet store, or a delicious food product, or an exotic far-away destination – let’s work together!

Here’s the long history if you want to know more about how and why Food e Mag dxb started. My blogging journey has connected me to many readers at a personal level and meet some of the leading food bloggers of this region (some international ones too), well known personalities in the food industry, chefs and celebrities – both virtually and otherwise. I’ve been enriched with these experiences and have also given me the opportunity to explore beyond my blog as the Editor of Food e Mag dxb. ‘Inspiring, Beautiful and Different’ – the initial response to the launch issue has been very warm and overwhelming.

Probably one of a kind in the region, the first issue of this interactive blogger focused magazine was launched in February, 2014. 3 issues down the line and in only 6 months, there had been more than 350,000 hits on the magazine with average time spent being more than 5 minutes! Due to the huge response it received, the magazine was relaunched in October 2014 with a new look website and an inbuilt reader. We are proud to say that we are now commissioning work (slowly but steadily) out to our contributors and building a team to take the *brand* forward. Our team is still evolving and consists of talented photographers, recipe creators, food writers and critics etc – all belonging to my very dear blogging fraternity.

Please remember, this is just like any other serious publication, and please don’t ask for favours here!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

While you enjoy reading our current issue – The New U (above), these have been the previous issues so far:

   The Festive IssueThe Autumn Issue - Issue 4The Ramadan Issue - Issue 3The Spring Issue - Issue 2The Launch Issue





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