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little hands, big hearth is our travel inspired experiments with FOOD

My childhood in Kolkata as well as setting up homes with S in different cities like Kolkata, Colombo, Frankfurt and Dubai – have shaped our cooking and molded our taste-buds. Post-holidays, we are on our own food trips at home – experimenting our newly acquired expertise on the local cuisine fused with our regular cooking, thus inventing new dishes which are mostly eagerly anticipated by family and friends. Since we come from Bengal, India, there’s lots of experiments on Bengali cuisine – Bong food and non-Bong food – both traditional and fusion. And not mention Desserts & Sweets as Bongs are well-known for their sweet tooth!

Following are the characteristics of all recipes doling out of our little hands, big hearth

  • Easy to cook
  • Regular canned products off the shelf may be used (However, we advocate using fresh products)
  • Goes well both as a regular or party dish
  • Children can easily help in making the dish (My two little sous-chéfs are aged 8 and 3 years!)
  • And lastly, guaranteed to be tasty!

For those who are uninitiated to Bengali Cuisine, you may want to read all about Traditional Bengali Food.


Recipe Index:


Icecream Rasgulla with Blueberry Sauce

Purple Haze Yoghurt with Purple M&Ms



 – Cuppa-Corn Yellow Sweet Moments


Side-Dish (Vegetarian)

Yoghurt Aubergine with Pomegranate

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