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Bengali FoodTraditional Bengali Food | In ‘Slight’ Details – An etymological explanation of our food-fetish


My favourite recipes from my blog

Kolkata Mutton Biryani
Kolkata Mutton Biryani
Homemade cinnamon rolls
Homemade Cinnamon Rolls


Recipe Index

Fusion Recipes
Street food Inspired Recipes
Travel Inspired Recipes


Frozen Aam Pana / Green Mango Pulp Drink – Bengali
Aam Pana – Bengali
Mulled Wine – festive


Cumin Beetroot Cold Salad – Indian
• Fattoush – recipe learnt at cooking class in Six Sense @ZighyBay – Lebanese / Arabic
Sumac Octopus with Pomegranate – recipe from Chef Silvena Rowe – Ottoman / Turkish, fusion
Thai Papaya Salad Recipe – Thai

Chutneys, Dips & Pickles

Anjeer Ki Chutney / Fig Chutney – recipe from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor; North Indian
Hot Garlic Pickle; Indian
Kaancha Aamer Chutney / Green Mango Chutney – Bengali
Tok Palonger Chutney / Sour Spinach Chutney – Bengali / Bangladeshi
Nutty Spreads – Almond, Cashew & Hazelnut


Aloor Dum / Spicy Baby Potatoes –  Street-food from Kolkata
Cuppa-Corn Yellow Sweet Moments
Phuchkas in Vivekananda Park – Street-food from Kolkata
Stuffed Chilli Spring Rolls – Asian

Bread & Flour

Binangkal – Filipino
Bread with Sprinkled Sesame
Luchi – Bengali


• Aloo Bhaaté / Mashed Potato – Bengali
• Aloor Dum / Spicy Baby Potatoes – Bengali, Kolkata street-style
• Bori Tarkari / Bean Curry – Nepali / Indian
• Doi Begun / Yoghurt Aubergine with pomegranate – Bengali, fusion
• Kumro Bhaaté / Mashed Pumpkin – Bengali
Crusted Paneer Potato with Kiwi Sauce –  recipe created for Zespri
Date Gyōza (Japanese Dumpling) –  recipe From ZUMA – Japanese
Grilled Eggplant in tempered spices – Indian

Rice & Grains

Arabic Sushi – recipe From Ritz Carlton, DIFC – Arabic
Chicken Kabsa – recipe from Asateer, The Palm Atlantis – Arabic
Fish Biryani
Khichuri – Bengali
Kolkata Mutton Biryani – Mughlai / Awadhi
Lamb Tagine with Couscous – recipe from Sheraton MOE – Middle Eastern
Risotto Alla Milanese – recipe learnt at master class – Italian

Noodles & Pasta

Pancit – Palabok, Bihon, Canton – Filipino

Soups & Dal

Daal Maharani – Nepali / Indian
Aam Dal / Mango Lentil Soup – Bengali
Mutton Chick Peas Curry – Indian Cuisine

Egg & Poultry

Chicken Keema – recipe learnt from Asha Bhosle; North Indian
Chicken Kabsa – recipe from Asateer, The Palm Atlantis – Arabic
Deemer Dalna / Egg Curry – Bengali


Beef Tripe Stew with White Beans Sauce & Pap – recipe from Tribe restaurant – South African
Galouti Kababs – recipe from Ananta, Oberoi Dubai – Mughlai
Lamb Tagine With Couscous – recipe from Sheraton MOE – Middle Eastern
Meatballs or Dawood Basha and Vermicelli Rice – recipe from Al Nafoorah, Emirates Towers – Middle Eastern
Mutton Chick Peas Curry – Indian Cuisine
Mutton Kassa With Red Wine And Red Grapes – Bengali, fusion
Sikarni Raan / Marinated Lamb Shank – Nepali
Pan-fried Liver with Colconnan Mash – recipe from Tribe restaurant – South African
Zatar Lamb & Crushed Lemon Potato – Arabic

Fish & Seafood

Fish Biryani
Ginger Lotus Sea Bass – recipe learnt from Blue Jade masterclass, Ritz Carlton – Vietnamese
Seafood Bikol Express – Filipino
Shorshe Bata Maach – Mustard Salmon In This Case | Shubho Noboborsho! – Traditional Bengali
Singaporean Chilli Crab | Violet Oon’s Recipe – Singaporean
Spicy Prawn Harra – recipe from cooking class at Desert Islands Resorts By Anantara  – Lebanese/Arabic
Sumac Octopus with Pomegranate – recipe from chef Silvena Rowe – Ottoman / Turkish, fusion

Thai Red Curry with Baramundi– recipe

Violet Oon | The Singaporean Food Guru & Her Recipe Of Chilli Crab!

Bikol Express & The Romanticism Of The Mayon Volcano


Bhapa Mishti Doi and A Food Safari of Bengal – Bengali
Caramel Custard – Anglo-Indian
Dates Ice Cream – recipe from Asateer, The Palm Atlantis – Emirati
Firni or Ferni – Indian
Gulab Jamun Rabri – Indian
Gajorer Payesh / Carrot Pudding – Bengali
Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Macarons – recipe from Mazina, The Address Marina Festive
Icecream Rasgulla with Blueberry Sauce – Bengali, fusion
Kulfis – Indian
Mango Vanilla Ice-cream
Narkel Naru / Coconut Jaggery Truffles – Bengali
Notun Gurer Payesh / Rice Pudding – Bengali
Purple Haze Yoghurt with Purple M&Ms – Bengali Fusion
Rôshogolla / Rasgulla – Bengali
Rasgulla Macapuno – Bengali and Filipino fusion
Semaiya Kheer / Vermicelli Pudding – Bengali / Indian
Shaabiyat Kacha – recipe from Mazina, The Address Marina Festive – Arabic
Shondesh / Sandesh Pudding – Bengali, fusion

Moong Daaler Payesh or Yellow Lentil Pudding | Autumnal Sunshine Of The Eternal Mind!

Payesh or Rice Pudding For My Birthday | Power of Gratitude Messages

Happy Cinnamon Rolls that you can make at home

A colourful weekend and Gajar Ka Halwa with Rabri Mousse and Shahi Tukda

Kogel Mogel recipe

Bengali Food

Other Bengali Food Banters originating from our food experiences in restaurants, streets, chit-chats over food conversations or from inside the kitchens – either mine or Mum’s or other close Mums… and a few exceptional Dads’ as well!


Traditional Bengali Food | In ‘Slight’ Details – An etymological explanation of our food-fetish
Stories of Love, Nostalgia And Memories – The Ingredients To My Cooking
Bengali Sweets That Came By Parcel! – Gujia, Jibe Goja, Abaar Khabo & Jolbhora
Mango Lentil Soup/ Aam Dal – The Summer Combat – The story of Epar Bangla & Opar Bangla
Mashed Potato Bengali Style/ Aloo Bhaaté
Mother (-in-law) of all Pickles – My Nostalgia on Pickles | History of Pickles
Rôshogolla (রসগোল্লা) – Bengali’s Own Sweet – An essay on the most famous Bengali Sweet


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