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Travel Green if you want to keep on traveling!

Though not an environment expert, this is my simple Green Quest (or should I say Green surfing over the internet?) to learn about Responsible Traveling. My objective is to learn a few easy green travel ideas myself and gift them to the Z-Sisters so that they can explore the world and may continue travelling, for ever and ever and ever after! This Green Page provides links to sites that providing easy tips and suggestions to holidaymakers on accommodation, food and travel for a guilt-free Green holiday.

There has never been such an urgency as it is now to Travel Green. Counting carbon footprints as well as currency notes while on vacation and thinking of alternative green ways to travel is the only way to make sure that we can still go on vacations when we turn grandparents and our children turn parents. If we don’t, then the only option would be to book a ticket on the Virgin Galactic to travel to the moon once all our holiday options on earth are closed!

IF WE DIDN’T TRAVEL GREEN NOW the potential cost of a FUTURE HOLIDAY could be $100 million. Yes, that is the cost of a single ticket to the moon! [Virgin Galactic flight to the moon]

There is only one checklist for Green TravelIs the environment being cared for? It can’t be that difficult. We care for our children. We care for our homes. After-all, we have experience in care-giving. Surely, we can care for the environment. All it takes is to believe that we have to and we must care.

Green Travel Myths

Myths that probably block our minds about eco-friendly or green travel:

– Travelling green is not comfortable and cannot be luxurious
– It’s more expensive
– It’s not child-friendly
– It’s only for those who are into adventure sports and nature lovers
– There is no urban type of a holiday destination – it must be in the tropical jungles or the forests or some wildlife sanctuary
– It requires extensive planning
– It’s meant for backpackers only
– It’s meant for environmentalist and not geared towards common layman like you and me

Please remember – it’s only about making certain choices – choosing the right hotels, the right travel operator, making some background studying on the travel package, choosing the right food (you can sacrifice the food that you are used to and opt for local variants or products of the country you are traveling for a few days or say, avoid purchasing air-freighted products from the UK while you are making your purchases in a supermarket in Australia!). Choose the right travel options – and look out for GREEN destinations and GREEN accommodations.

Note: GREEN tour packages exist on every continent for all age, interest and family composition!

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Following are some easy and simple green links so that your Green Quest doesn’t become an ordeal! From different destinations, to different holiday types to various type of accommodation you will find them all.

Interesting blogs on Green Travel:
Greenty; Greenty’s Blog – The Green Travel Guide gives you wonderful options of Eco-Resorts and Eco-Hotels in Asia, Africa, Europe, Carribean, L. America & N. America.

Your Travel Choice – Eco-destinations, responsible travel tips, climate change & tourism and much more.

Responsible Travel – From Adventure holidays, Beach Holidays, Family Holidays, Wild-life Holidays, Walking Holidays and more from various destinations in Asia, Australia & Oceania, Africa, Europe, South America; Luxury hotels to Unusual accomodation – you will get everything and anything of your choice here. They promise to provide ‘the world’s best responsible and ecotourism holidays!

In India:
Eco India; Eco-India’s Blog – Eco-Parks, Eco-Tours, Eco-Resorts/Lodge, Eco-Activities, Eco-Places in natural reserves in India that preserve the environment and conserve endangered species.

Interesting links on Green Travel:
What is responsible tourism? Green travel tips – How to leave nothing but a footprint in your travelsPrinciples of EcotourismSensible Travel Can Save The Environment10 Myths of Responsible TravelingGlobal Warming

TRAVELGREEN (Image Source:

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