The World Awaits – for me to wander. ‘It’s a new world – it’s a new start/ It’s alive with the beating of young hearts… Here I am…’ Artist: Bryan Adams from the Movie ‘Spirit’. That is the idea behind the title of the Parent Category under which all the posts are listed and photos are cataloged. Some sub-categories quite naturally overlap each other and fall under more than one Categories. For example, the Dubai albums fall under Middle-Eastern Moments as well as Urban Soul. All images belong to IshitaPhotoIdeas.

The Categories under ‘The World Awaits’ are as follows-

While the categories Asian Awesomeness, European Enchantment or the Middle-Eastern Moments are self explanatory, the idea behind Urban Soul & Kolkata Konnection is as follows:

Urban Soul: There is something about modern urban cities – the throbbing, the vibrations, the pulsating speed. Everything seems to be on a fast-forward mode. There is an addiction to the energy they emanate. A lot of people find modern cities artificial. But not me. In search of the urban soul in the cities that we have set up our homes – Kolkata and Dubai.

Kolkata Konnection: Kolkata stirs up my soul. Wherever I go, whichever city I live in and call that my home, there is always a reference to something or someplace or somebody or some incident in Kolkata. It amuses me sometimes as well as it irritates me. I end up finding Venice as water-logged North Kolkata! I cannot ever severe my soul Konnection!

This page is going to be ever-evolving. So if you have liked what you have seen so far – then do come back time to time. You never know what visual surprise lay in store for you!

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