Recipe Listing From Signature Restaurants And Hotels

During this entire month, I will be sharing special Ramadan recipes, gathered from many signature restaurants of top hotels in Dubai and around the region. I know that many people do not go out during Ramadan and prefer to cook at home. Most would like to cook special dishes, but they don’t have access to these restaurant recipes. Each hotel that I have contacted has graciously sent me the recipes.

Recipe Listing

(Recipes that have already been published are marked in brown)

Date Gyōza (Japanese Dumpling) | From ZUMA Category – Starters/Main Course; Cuisine type – Japanese

Sumac Octopus with Pomegranate | Recipe from Celebrity Chef Silvener RoweCategory – Seafood/Salad; Cuisine type – Ottoman/Middle Eastern

Tuna and Langoustine Tartar with Ginger and Garlic Yuzu | From Zuma

Fatty Tuna Sashimi, Sesame Chilli Ponzu | From Zuma

Lamb Tagine with Couscous | Sheraton MOE Category – Main Meal; Cuisine type – Middle Eastern

Stuffed Capsicum | Address Marina

Eggplant Musakhan | Address Marina

Fish Tagine | Address Marina

Hommous Beiruti | Address Marina

Machboos Rice | Address Marina

Shaabiyat Kacha | Address Marina – Category – Dessert; Cuisine type – Middle Eastern

Arabic Sushi | Ritz Carlton DIFC – Category – Starters; Cuisine type – Japanese? Middle Eastern?

Black Pepper Beef | Ritz Carlton Jumeira Beach

Chicken Dimsum | Ritz Carlton Jumeira Beach

Chilled Banana Sago with Pandan Ice Cream | Ritz Carlton Jumeira Beach

Black Pepper Beef | Ritz Carlton Jumeira Beach

Sea Bass Wrapped in Lotus Leaf | Ritz Carlton Jumeira Beach – Category – Fish/Main Course; Cuisine type – Vietnamese

Arabic Meatballs or Dawood Basha and Vermicelli Rice| Recipe From AL Nafoorah, Emirates Towers – Category – Side Dish; Cuisine type – Middle Eastern

Hamour Harra Sauce Modern Day | Desert Palm

Dalcha | Options By SK

Kache Gosht Ki Biriyani | Options By SK

Lamb Harris | Asateer, Atlantis, The Palm

Emirati Dates Ice Cream | Asateer, Atlantis, The Palm

Chicken Kabsa | Asateer, The Palm Atlantis


You will also get a comprehensive listing of all best Iftar buffets around town in my post… Ramdan in Dubai | Where All You Can Eat. Each hotel I have contacted have been really gracious and have handed over their special recipe. I hope you try out these recipes (assuming that a restaurant recipe is not difficult to cook!), send me pictures. For all the other recipes that are in this blog… Recipes, Reviews, Food, Travel.

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