• Welcome Christmas with mulled wine
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    Countdown To 2015 | Mulled Wine Over Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Here's an easy recipe of Svařák - Czech Mulled Wine. Mulled wine is a usually made with red wine (Port and claret being the traditional choices) along with various mulling spices and raisins. It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas and is served hot or warm. Non-alcoholic mulled drink can also be made with hot apple cider and juices.

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    Food e Mag dxb | The Festive Issue

    Presenting the Festive Special Issue of Food e Mag dxb… exclusive write ups, inspiring festive recipes, a peep into the Markets, edible gift ideas, the most delicious venues around the city, new launches, Turkey takeaways, a winter getaway, some serious food porn and more… we have tried to include everything that you might need to celebrate the season in style. By the way, do you wish to be someone’s Secret Santa? Register with us, and you stand a chance to gift your loved ones with something very special this holiday season! What’s inside the Festive Special issue? Sally Prosser (My Custard Pie) writes about festive bubbles that can add some…

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    Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Macarons | Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone! While a festive wine is being mulled for the next post with Prague captured during Christmas, this one captures our experience with the gingerbread houses and the gingerbread Macarons that filled up our dining table – for a while! One Materclass down and basking in the glory of having decorated two gingerbread houses – one in my Masterclass with Chef Alannah Doe of Address Marina and the other in a gingerbread house decoration competition where the Z-Sisters had been my mighty assistants, I am still fumbling. I am an accidental, experimental cook – a creative person of the abstract genre. I am filled with envy when I…

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    Celebrating Dubai Christmas | Dining In, Dining Out, Cooking or Mall Hopping?

    This time we are again going to celebrate Christmas at home. The decorations are complete (above). Why is Christmas so big in a non-Christian family like ours? It’s because I have grown up believing in Santa and I still believe in him. Religious fundamentalists would probably find me preposterous but well, I blame it on my genes. Growing up in Kolkata, I have learnt to carve for the festive Semaiya Kheer/Vermicelli Pudding during Eid, search for traditional Halim and Firni during Ramadan in the various Muslim restaurants in the crowded Park Circus area of Kolkata, even taking the Z-Sisters to one such journey during our summer vacation this year. I’ve…

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    Lafayette Gourmet’s Festive Menu | Christmas Is In The Air!

    Galeries Lafayette. The name says it all. For many many years the French department store, Galeries Lafayette epitomised my fantasy about Paris. And yes, stepping into Galeries Lafayette in Paris didn’t shatter my fantasy, rather strengthened it with the sheer brilliance of dazzle and fragrance floating around in the air. Forget about the high-end fashionable clothes that were on display. Or the eclectic shoes or the accessories. This was a different world altogether. Galeries Lafayette also housed one of Paris’ gourmet food markets, Lafayette Gourmet, which was initially modeled after a mid-eastern baazar. When we entered the Lafayette Gourmet for the first time in Paris, I stumbled. My knowledge on…