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    Bori Tarkari/Beans Curry & Maithili Art – Chitwan, Nepal

    Though I don’t run my household in the manner of taking Geography lessons, but subconsciously our kitchen does turn into a lab. Probably I must have done a Geography Major in my previous birth. I believe in the concept of Reincarnation according to my own convenience. When I cannot explain any particular characteristic (bad or good) in myself, I push the ’cause’ to my previous birth and if I really want to do something but do not have the courage to do so, I try to cajole myself by saying – ‘Maybe in my next birth!’ For example – Bungee Jumping. My previous articles have touched (though touched it too…

  • Daal Maharani from the kitchens of Hotel Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu
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    Daal Maharani Befitting the Queen (And Also Us) From Yak & Yeti – Kathmandu, Nepal

    Daal Maharani. Maharani denotes the queen. Can a name be more regal? Perhaps not. Previously, I had dragged the recipe of Sikarni Raan/Marinated Lamb Shank out of the kitchen of the hotel that we stayed in by the method of incessant persuasion. Not that the staff of the restaurant was any less courteous. But there were too many diners vying to catch their attention and I was feeling a bit shy to start on my recipe hunt again! The recipe for Daal Maharani did ultimately dole out from behind the swivelling doors of the kitchen – but how? Have a look at it yourself… Black Daal Whole (Soak Overnight) –…

  • Sikarni Raan/ Marinated Lamb Shank @Hotel Yak and Yeti
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    Sikarni Raan/Marinated Lamb Shank From Yak & Yeti – Kathmandu, Nepal

    I have started writing our Nepal journey in a very unusual way – the first post on Nepal being the last day of our trip. Probably the divine experience of seeing the Mt Everest and the Himalaya can’t be written anywhere else but on the first post of my Nepal travelogue! But that doesn’t mean that our other experiences were any less than ordinary. For example – the pleasure of experiencing traditional Newari/Nepali food or our stay in a hotel that is as beautiful and rich in history as the city itself. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is situated in the Kathmandu valley which is one of the largest valleys…