• Recipe for Semaiya Kheer or Vermicelli Pudding
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    Semaiya Kheer or Vermicelli Pudding to celebrate Eid

    Childhood memories of Eid bring in the sweet taste of Semaiya Kheer or vermicelli pudding, also called Shemuiyer Payesh in Bengali. The shimuiyer payesh that I have eaten at most Bengali homes, is made much like the rice pudding. The shimuiyer payesh, however, is sweetened with sugar and Gur or jaggery is seldom used in it. It is also less dense. Here's my easy recipe for the delicious festive dessert.

  • Gajorer Payesh/Carrot Pudding... Happy Diwali to all of you!
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    Gajorer Payesh/Carrot Pudding | Happy Diwali!

    Happy Diwali to all of you! May the Indian Festival of Lights brighten up your lives, illuminate your homes and your minds. May Health be there… Happiness will follow. May Peace be there… Prosperity will follow. May Love be there… Luck will follow. Today’s recipe has been lovingly cooked by my Aunt who’s been visiting us for a while. While she left for Kolkata two days back, she cooked this special Gajorer Payesh/Carrot Pudding and put it in the freezer so that we could have a special dessert for Diwali! Festivals all over the world have the same essence – they bring families and friends together. A small excerpt form…

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    Notun Gurer Payesh/Traditional Bengali Rice Pudding | Remembering My Dida

    Today’s dish is special and very primitive. The only other way to explain the importance of a traditional Payesh/Rice Pudding is to compare it with Champagne. If you can understand the importance of Champagne to bring in a family celebration then you can probably understand the importance of Payesh. Or say, cutting a cake on a birthday. For a Bengali, a spoonful of Payesh is a must on a special occasion. Also, the first spoon of non-solid food that goes into a Bengali child during Annaprashan or the First Rice is Payesh. Annaprashan’ or the First Rice The first ceremony or celebration that a Bengali child witnesses is Annaprashan or…