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    Meena Bazaar At Night | Introducing DubaiUnblogged… Dubai In Instagram

    IshitaUnblogged blog is text-heavy. I have been toying with an idea of another blog for a long time that will help me to shut my thoughts up – in terms of writing and bringing up all the photos of Dubai that I am incessantly clicking. And yes, while jumping into the new bandwagon, that is called Instagram! DubaiUnblogged, my second baby, unravels Dubai through images and photographs. It will feature lots of hidden gems of Dubai that are crying out loud for attention. Lots of ideas are there and according to many, introducing the blog with only 4 posts is unwise. But I like ‘growing up and growing old’ together with…

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    Bori Tarkari/Beans Curry & Maithili Art – Chitwan, Nepal

    Though I don’t run my household in the manner of taking Geography lessons, but subconsciously our kitchen does turn into a lab. Probably I must have done a Geography Major in my previous birth. I believe in the concept of Reincarnation according to my own convenience. When I cannot explain any particular characteristic (bad or good) in myself, I push the ’cause’ to my previous birth and if I really want to do something but do not have the courage to do so, I try to cajole myself by saying – ‘Maybe in my next birth!’ For example – Bungee Jumping. My previous articles have touched (though touched it too…

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    Tharu Village Walk in Chitwan, Nepal – Innocence In Their Eyes, Joy In Their Faces

    Chitwan Part 2 Our stay in Chitwan was memorable not only because it brought us incredibly close to nature but also because it gave us the opportunity to show the Z-Sisters a different world altogether. During our stay there, one evening we went to the nearby Tharu village where they the Z-SISTERS were confronted with some extreme but essential life moments. [Tharu is an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai, the southern foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and India. The Tharu people themselves say that they are people of the forest. In Chitwan, they have lived in the forests for hundreds of years practicing a short fallow shifting cultivation.…

  • Even the water pipes seem regal against the sunset

    Terraces and Beyond – Kolkata

    The terrace or the Chaad as it is called in Bengali has a special designation in my long list of nostalgia. Specially, terraces in Kolkata. From exchanging gossip to plain peeping, I have always found something interesting to do on terraces. I find them fascinating. And this is my tribute to the beauty of my best friend - the Chaad!