• Lorelei, Germany; Image: IshitaPhotoIdeas
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    Lorelei, My Ship Has Passed You By | Germany

    Image Source: IshitaPhotoIdeas Suggested Starter: Click below to listen to the beautiful ‘Lorelei’ sung by the Scorpions… Lorelei, the mystical rock, soaring more than 120m above the Rhine still stands in the midst of the swirling currents, near St. Goarhausen, Germany. The mystery & the myth still float in the mist. Lorelei, the maiden singing the most beautiful song may perhaps lure the hapless sailor to his death, even now. And so goes the German folklore… The legendary Lorelei still captivates & intrigues the minds of the the thousands of visitors who visit this place everyday. The Rhine is well known for its romantic interludes. But, it is here that…