• Chettinad Chicken cooked in a claypot
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    Chettinad Chicken cooked in a claypot

    One of the most exciting ways of exploring and learning more about a region is through its regional cuisine. I cooked Chettinad Chicken in a claypot, an affair that I have been longing for a long time. It turned out to be delicious and I'm currently obsessing over everything about it... the aroma, the texture and the excitement of cooking in a claypot.

  • Homemade Chicken 56
    Chennai,  Recipes

    Homemade spicy Chicken 65 for today’s lunch

    Getting into the Chennai groove with a homemade spicy Chicken 65 for today’s lunch. I made two variations of it – with and without gravy. This is probably the closest any of my blogposts have gotten real-time! My last blogpost was kind of very long as I belted my heart out into how we have settled down in Chennai. The behind-the-scenes activities started in April 2020 and we moved into our home in Diwali. We finally felt at home by New Year’s eve… all of these culminating in a long emotional blogpost. The header image showed a meal that I had cooked a few days earlier, in the manner of…