• Thai Green Papaya Salad made at home
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    Thai Papaya Salad Recipe – Also reminiscing the Floating Market in Global Village

    This is our favourite Som Tam or the Thai Green Papaya Salad … it’s a very easy recipe to stir up. I tweaked the recipe a bit from a fridge magnet that I had collected on my Thailand trip. Every time we make it at home, the familiar sights and sounds from the trip comes alive. Travelling to places – far away or even as close as your neighbour’s house, seem to be a distant memory. So does tasting new cuisines at different restaurants or food events. Every day, I keep rearranging our collection of fridge magnets that hold so many beautiful memories of our travels – our family vacations…

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    Chef’s Table At Thiptara | And A Romantic Dinner Invite From The Palace Downtown!

    Win a romantic dinner giveaway for a couple from Thiptara  I’ve been writing on Thailand in my last few posts and I can only say that I’ve never been so inspired on my travels as I have been on this trip. Apart from writing travel posts loaded with images and food thoughts, I wanted to continue this brilliant journey with my readers in Dubai. I just mentioned this once to The Palace Downtown and they immediately organised this romantic dinner giveaway for a couple from Thiptara, the beautiful Thai restaurant serving the most delicious and the most beautiful Thai food. Beautiful is perhaps not the usual adjective used for food.…

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    Kotung Restaurant in Krabi Town | A Taste of Thai Chinese

    I have been writing on my Thailand trip for a while in my earlier posts. But I had to take a momentary detour to fill you up with what I had been upto, back home in Dubai. However, I’ve taken the stance to finish all my Thailand posts, rounding it off with a great great giveaway – am not going to divulge any further on this, lest I spoil the surprise. For those who are new to the blog, I had been part of a Dubai team who had descended on a small fishing island called Koh Klang, situated in the Krabi region of South Thailand. {The earlier posts had…