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    Autos In Kolkata – My Ultimate Road Crush… And Autos All over The World!

    The Auto or the Auto-Rickshaw had been my most reliable mode of transportation through-out my college days back home in Kolkata. I loved the Auto for it’s speed. I thought that they were versatile – maneuvering through the narrowest alleys and the thickest crowd. But most of all I loved the other thing that would come free with the ride – the cool hair-styling done by God’s natural Hair-blower! You cannot underestimate an Auto. In Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) 2010, limited edition auto-rickshaws were unveiled on the opening day for auctioning! For charitable cause of course. In-fact these ordinary Autos were made ‘limited’ by some of the greatest…

  • Bright coloured tuk-tuks on Srilankan roads
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    Red Tuk-Tuks & Triumphant Rides in Colombo… Our Very Own Auto-Rickshaws In Kolkata

    Tuk-tuks in Srilanka Tuk-tuk, as it’s lovingly called, is our very well known auto-rickshaw! Tuk-tuk is a beautiful name, absolutely lyrical & musical. The heroine (I refuse to believe that the tuk-tuk is male!) of today’s post is very significant. Why the tuk-tuk? Because it reminds me of situations which are extreme deviations from the world that is flashing across the television screen right in front of my eyes – The Royal Wedding! The royal guests are all pouring in and the royal relatives arriving from the Buckingham Palace in their fleet of royal cars – the Rolls Royces, the Jaguars, the Range Rovers, the Maybachs etc. The bells of…