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    Al Fannah | How Deep (Fried) Is Your (Fish) Love?

    So, here's our new find (almost budget find). Located inside the Umm Sequimm Fishing Harbour and the Dubai Ports and Customs Authorities, our hunch is that this hidden gem is soon going to be the next 'Bu Qtair' in town, alibi some fairy lights, melamine plates, steel cutlery and queue-less waits. Also with better fish and a lesser bill!

  • Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant

    Bu Qtair In A New Avatar | A New Year, A New Location

    I don’t understand why the press is so interested in speculating about my appearance, anyway. What does my face have to do with my music or my dancing? ∼ Michael Jackson The above quote stands true for Bu Qtair too. What has the new look of Bu Qtair got to do with the taste of the fish it serves? The charm is still all in the fish, the fresh fish, the deep fried fresh fish, the deep fried spicy fresh fish. Specially the shrimps, although I miss the old Bu Qtair very very much! Bu Qtair is no Michael Jackson. But it is Dubai’s only celebrity-eating-hole that has managed to…

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    Hidden Gems of Dubai | My Pick of Restaurants

    There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration. ∼ Richelle Mead Hidden Gems. The term is sometimes too clichéd and overrated, specially in an ever evolving city like Dubai. Here, big shopping malls are easier to spot than hidden gems and the few gems that have remain hidden are exposed all too sudden. The example of the latter is perhaps the popular seafood joint Bu Qtair – it’s the most *unhidden* venues of Dubai! However, not everything is lost as yet and there are still many such quaint places in Dubai that provides comfort to one’s soul. I write about such places in my *Hidden…

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    Hidden Gems of Dubai | Creekside Cafe – More Than Just Food

    Heritage by the Creek Creekside Cafe is my current favourite haunt and as the name suggests, it is located by the Dubai creek. I have a lot of emotions attached to Dubai creek. I have walked every single night throughout the 9 months of my first pregnancy along this creek. We used to live in Bur Dubai in our earlier Dubai days and a walk to the creekside and the Bastakiya quarters felt almost the most natural and the obvious thing to do – like daily breathing. I would ‘people watch’ and build up stories around those whom I would see everyday – the harassed new mom, the funny husband,…

  • Kolkata

    Scoop In Outram Ghat | Yesss, It Still Exists!

    A comment left on my Instagram post by my cousin sis who had been my closest friend during my childhood, left me in utter confusion… ‘Does Scoop still exist in Kolkata? Khoj korish toh/do check!’ The referred scoop is not an ordinary scoop of ice cream or a new piece of gossip doing the media round, but a very special ice cream parlour by the Ganges. Visiting Scoop had been a luxury, a special destination for a very special treat that required a lot of saving up. After all, Rs 25 spent on an ice cream sundae from a meager pocket money of Rs 50/week didn’t come cheap. And what…

  • Omnia Gourmet by Silvena
    Dubai,  People & Chefs

    Omnia Gourmet by Chef Silvena | Decadence, Deliciousness & A Lot of Expectations!

    Everybody in Dubai knows celebrity chef Silvena Rowe right now. Solving weekly kitchen problems as the Domestic Diva in the popular Friday Magazine and doling out scrumptious exotic-do-able-at-home recipes, she is probably the only resident celebrity chef in Dubai. She is also the only celebrity chef on my speed dial. I have been following her journey in the UAE since last year when I got the first phone from her, that took me to Capital Club that very night to experience her magic. Earlier this year, I had tasted the exclusive ‘Taste of Organic Arabia’ three course meal featuring 98% local organic produce at her pop-up restaurant at the Dubai Food…