• The Label Project - Tasting Wines Blindly

    The Label Project – Wines Tasted Blindly!

    The last 2 weeks I had been part of an unique project – a global wine adventure, called The Label Project (all about it here). Over 140 bloggers from 12 different countries had been invited to partake in a 2-week journey where each one of us had received three ‘label-less’ wines over the period. What had been our job? Well, blind-tasting these wines to correctly identify the grape varieties as well as the regions the wines originate. Our answers had to be based on a sensory clue (smell, taste and sight) and a regional clue. Tough? Well, I suppose so. But who has ever got any free meal in today’s…

  • An evening of Wine tasting at Asado

    Asado Wine Club, The Palace Hotel, Dubai | An Evening of Wine Tasting!

    Wine and Cheese amidst dimly lit chandeliers and gorgeously laid out dining table, a company of beautiful people and an evening full of discovery – a perfect setting for the most memorable evening. Quite naturally, I cannot describe my soiree at the Wine Club in Asado anything less than ‘Absolutely Memorable’! It was a beautiful evening of wine tasting, generously hosted by Asado’s Wine Club as our wonderful sommelier, Sarah Belanger guided us through a ‘journey of discovery’ as she calls it, through the world of Argentinean wines and the country’s wine history. Also, the perfect ambiance to meet some of the fantastic fellow bloggers from Fooderati Arabia for the first…