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UAE National Day… Aam Pana For My Dubai My City | 2nd December, 2012

I hosted an episode of ‘This is my Kitchen’, a segment in My Dubai My City (@MyDubaiMyCity), the first video guide to the city of Dubai. Read more…

On Dubai One & Noor Dubai | August, 2012

Making the most famous of Bengali Sweets – the Rôshogolla or Rasgulla on local TV channels – Noor Dubai TV and Dubai One as a part of Ramadan special episodes. If this doesn’t reflect the multi-cultural aspect of Dubai, what else will? Read more…


Small videos I’ve made

Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant | Capturing A Hidden Gem In Jumeirah. A Video Too!

This is perhaps the only restaurant in Dubai that hasn’t changed over the years despite it’s soaring popularity and its enormous media publicity in recent times. An amateur video which has already got 7,000+ hits on You Tube! Read more…

Masqouf in Bait Al Baghdadi | Tasting Iraq’s National Dish

This must be one of the fishiest moments of my life – of course in the most awesome way. Tasting the Masqouf, also known as the Masgûf, is a culinary journey by itself and is considered Iraq’s national dish. The Maskouf here is a must-try for all fish lovers. And for non-fish eaters – if you happen to be a foodie, this is a culinary experience that you shouldn’t miss. Read more...

Ginger Lotus Sea Bass | Recipe From Blue Jade, Ritz Carlton

Sea bass is cooked in Vietnamese Ginger Lemon Sauce, all the way wrapped in Lotus Leaf. This is how we did it – wrapping the Sea bass in Lotus leaf… An easy task? See for yourself! Read more…

Stuffed Falafel and traditional Fateer making on Arabian Pilgrimage Food Tour

If you have ever watched Fateer making, you’ll realise why Egyptians are proud of their Fateers. Feteer Meshaltet, Fetir or the Fateer is the Egyptian layered pastry meaning ‘cushion-like pie’ – the stuffing or the filling coming in the form of chicken and cheese, sausage and cheese, tomatoes and olives, cream and honey or traditionally, the simple Kraft Cheese! Read more…

Feteer Meshaltet In Video | Talking To Celebrity Chef Joe Barza

These Feteers are a modern day, but a fine adaptation of the traditional Egyptian Feteers under the guidance of Celebrity chef Joe Barza, who is one of the top chefs in the Arab world and the creator of the menu of Helio – an Egyptian fusion menu with an international twist. Read more…

Baan Ma-Yhing Restaurant In The Fishermen’s Village | Recipe of Thai Red Curry As We Cook ‘fresh catch’ Baramundi!

Bao, the cook in the floating restaurant in the fishermen’s village in the little fishing island of Koh Klang in South Thailand, teach us how to make Red Thai curry paste from scratch. Read more…

Desert Islands Resorts By Anantara | Cooking Spicy Prawn Harra By The Beach

Our stay in this beautiful island deserves to be documented, specially the family cooking experience to be precise, at Samak, the sea-food restaurant in Desert Islands. Chef Mahmoud taught us how to cook Moutabel – the popular Arabic dip; the spicy Prawn Harra, cooked in the Lebanese style. Read more…

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