Cuppa-Corn Sweet Yellow Moments

Cuppa-Corn Sweet Yellow Moments

The fondest food moments are those where the experience and the journey to create these moments are more memorable than the food itself.  Cuppa-Corn (or the traditional Cup-A-Corn) made by the Z-SISTERS (my sous-chéfs aged 8 years and 3 years) took me to my childhood fantasy – unlimited Cup-A-Corns without having to ask Mom for money. I wish they could also churn out pink Candyfloss with such ease. But again, who said that was impossible?

Following are the characteristics of all recipes doling out of our little hands, big hearth

  • Easy to prepare
  • Regular canned products off the shelf may be used (However, we advocate using fresh products)
  • Goes well both as a regular or party dish
  • Children can easily help in making the dish
  • Guaranteed to be tasty and
  • Guaranteed to be loved by all ages, especially kids!


Category – Snacks, Kiddy Food; Cuisine type – Movie Special (if there is any); Moment – Fun-time, Treat-time, Movie-time

The Frozen Moments

Big Z starts the journey. The Freezer is hacked and then the frozen moments begin. There are some Horizontal Frozen Corn Moments and some Vertical Frozen Corn Moments (according to the angle Mummy aligns to capture the corns).

Image: IshitaPhotoIdeas Vertical Frozen Corn MomentsHorizontal Frozen Corn Moments

The Butter Moments

The Butter Moments begin with dew-drops forming on the butter case. And the difficulty in tackling the Butter. Then the Butter Dollop on top of the Frozen Corn sitting in glass bowl went into the Microwave for 5 minutes. The Butter Moments begin with dew-drops forming on the butter caseTackling the ButterThe Butter Dollop and the Frozen Corn goes into the Microwave for 5 minutes

The Salty Moments

This salty moment could turn into a tricky moment anytime. How much to pour? And what if all of it comes out?Pouring the Salt - the salty moment could turn into a tricky moment anytime

The Spicy Moments

Finding the Pepper amidst a stack of Indian spices is a difficult chore but not impossible provided the bottle labels haven’t got mixed up already! Tricky Situation 2 – Oops! the Pepper is all over the hand now. Careful, shouldn’t go into the eyes! More Pepper? Hmmm… again a lot of decision-making required.Pepper Found! Amidst a stack of Indian spicesOops! It's all in the hand now. Be careful, shouldn't go into the eyes!More Pepper? Hmmm... lot of thinking requiredOkay, a bit more pepper

The Butter-Melting Moments

Time for Li’l Z to help before the butter melts completely. This moment should have come a bit earlier – but as the saying goes Better late than never!

The Sour Moments

Again, it’s time for Big Z to call all the shots. The Lime Concentrate is ready and so are the corns. Tricky Situation 3 – pouring the lime concentrate from the bottle into the spoon and then the mixing. This is the REAL thing — the expert mixing and pouring the corn carefully into the paper cups to make our Cuppa-Corn!The Lime Concentrate is ready and so are the corns2nd Tricky Situation - Pouring the lime concentrate from the bottle into the spoon!Okay - now the expert mixingPouring them into paper cups

The Photo-Shoot Moments

Carrying 3 Cuppa-Corns at a time, choosing the right colours for the spoons and setting them up at Mummy’s bedside-table where the table-lamp turns into a genie during any food photo-shoot. At other times food in the bedroom is a big No-No!Carrying 3 Cuppa Corns at a timePresenting Cuppa Corn for Photoshoot @Mummy's bedside table!

Finally, the Sweet Corn Moments!

The blue paper cups seemed to have borrowed colours from the television screen just to dress up for the special movie party@home. Well, that’s what is meant by ‘luck is on our sides’ – our Cuppa-Corn sweet moment turns out to be picture perfect! Paper Cups borrowing colours to dresse up for the special Movie party@homeGive it to me!OMG! Is the witch coming?Yes, the journey left behind a lot of mess and also a happy empty bowl!For the first time in the history of recipe writing, the Preparation has been described before the Ingredients have been jotted down!

For 1 serving –

Preparation time: 10 minutes (If you use frozen sweet-corn) and it remains the same irrespective of the servings!


1 bowl of frozen sweet corn (just it be under the running tap water for a minute)

Salt, as per taste

Pepper, as per taste

Lime Juice, as per taste (we like it a bit sour)

Paper Cups (the VIP ingredient!)

Yes, our journey to create Cuppa-Corn left behind a lot of mess. But also some empty bowls and happy Cuppa-Corn sweet moments. Hope you have the same as well!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

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