Fooderati Arabia turns 2 & Mango Vanilla Ice-cream!
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Fooderati Arabia turns 2 with Mango Vanilla Ice-cream!

Fooderati Arabia turn 2 today!
This post is very special, dedicated to Fooderati Arabia as it turns 2 today.

Caesarean or Normal Delivery?
One fateful day in July 2010, two food bloggers – I live in a Frying Pan and My Custard Pie found each other. And flames were put on the highest mark, the ovens were set for pre-heating and Fooderati Arabia (originally entitled ‘Famished in Arabia’) was born. From a group of 8 foodies, today it has more than 100 foodies – all of whom are connected by the passion of FOOD.

This is a group of bloggers who share the issues that I have – OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder). These bloggers have similar repeated thoughts (about food), feelings (about blogging), ideas (about why blogging on food give us solace), sensations and obsessions (photographing the food and dissecting it for digestion and the camera). With each day, I am getting to know each and every blogger and welcome the frills and feelers, support and solidarity that I am expecting them to provide in my blogging journey. If you’d like to read more about our journey, visit Fooderati Arabia. We’d love your comments and you can follow and like us (Fooderati) on Twitter and Facebook too.

What makes this group unique?
All the bloggers in the Fooderati are different. We have different styles of writing. We blog on different food matters – some write recipes, some review restaurants, some are earning from food matters, some are spending all their earnings on food matters etc. But one thing is common – we feel that we all belong to the same family – Fooderati Arabia family!

How did we celebrate Fooderati’s birthday?
With the schools closed for the summers, most of us have spread out to different corners of the world. Some of us are enjoying our return to our home countries – all of us are enjoying our summers, yet terribly missing Dubai. So we are celebrating Fooderati’s Birthday ‘virtually’ over Facebook or over Twitter, while we look forward to having an actual birthday celebration once we are all back to Dubai.

The Z-SISTERS were very excited that we were going to celebrate a birthday. They wanted a cake to celebrate Fooderati’s Birthday but eventually we settled on an Ice-cream to keep us cool in this Kolkata heat. Big-Z even made a special drawing which was used as the background for the photo-shoot!

Mango Vanilla Ice-cream

Category – Dessert

Serves 6-8 persons (maybe less if they happen to be sweet-toothed Bengalis!)

Preparation time – 1 hr 30 minutes maximum (Preparation – 20 minutes; setting up – 10 minutes; Refrigeration – 1 hr)

Low-fat Cream – 1/2 lt (Many prefer to use sweetened condense milk – in that case you will need much less cream.
Sugar – 1/4 cup
Ripe Mangoes – 4, squeezed and puréed
1 Ripe Mango – cut into small pieces to be put as random fillings inside the Ice-cream
Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp
Rose water – 1/2 tsp*

* You might prefer not to use Rose water if you want the aroma of the Mango to be stronger

Method of Preparation
– Soak the Mangoes in water for some time and drain out
– Squeeze the pulp out of the Mangoes and purée it with Low-fat Cream
– Add the Sugar and blend it a bit more (you may have to add more Sugar if the Mangoes aren’t very sweet)
– Add the Vanilla Essence, Rose Water and the cut Mango pieces and put the entire Mango Mixture in the Freezer
– Take the Ice-cream out from the freezer and blend it again. This will prevent the Ice-cream from frosting. Set the Ice-cream and let it freeze for the final time.

Enjoy the deliciously, crunchy Vanilla and Rose-flavoured Mango Ice-cream, specially created for Fooderati Arabia’s 2nd Birthday… Don’t forget to scroll down to see all the list of all the bloggers who lend a special charm and aura to Fooderati Arabia!

Melting, melting…


Following is a list of passionate food bloggers in the UAE…

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The Hungry Nassaurus
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The Word According to Mitzie Mee 
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Vegetarian Tastebuds
Vindaloo Queen


Other GCC food blogs under Fooderati Arabia (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia)…

Appetite for Discovery  Bahrain
Cardamom Hills Qatar
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Journey Kitchen
Mom de Cuisine Bahrain
Omani Cuisine
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Taste Junction


Here’s wishing Fooderati Arabia a very happy 2nd Birthday today… Let’s all of us travel our food journeys together virtually, licking our fingers and burping beyond belief, ogling at good food and savouring the invented ones, share with each other all the culinary delights that we unravel while we explore the world and stumble across UAE alleys!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

A Culinary Travel Blog by a Bong Gourmet. From Dubai, Kolkata & the world beyond, street food to fine dining, recipes to chef talks, it pens down experiences. With 2 kids in tow!


  • Shira

    Fabulous! What an accomplishment to be proud of and a great group of blogs at that! I’ll be looking forward to checking these out – what a list! Thanks Ishita!

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Thank you Shira… Fooderati Arabia is quite an incredible food forum. Had introduced you earlier to this group over Twitter once. I think each of the bloggers are very different and that’s what makes it so unique and interesting:)

  • Sally

    Thanks for this – more effervescent than usual! Lovely vibrant post – adorable pictures. You get the prize for being the most enthusiastic member of Fooderati Arabia – and I love the energy you bring to the group.

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Oh…. I am so so happy – Thank you Sally! I think it’s the positive effect of celebrating FIA’s bday that has made the post more effervescent than usual… and I think the involvement of Big Z too made it quite a fun thing!
      Love to be a part of FIA – it’s changed my blogging journey anyway. Had dreams, can see them taking shape slowly – and I think it’s because of Fooderati, the positive comments from some of you and most importantly being amongst members who are so brilliant.

  • I Live in a Frying Pan

    This post is amazing! I love it love it LOOOOOOOOVE IT! To the point where I want to stretch my arms out and cuddle it, and cuddle you! Thank you, it’s a whole other feeling of uberawesomeness to not just watch the group grow, but to hear about why people beyond Sally and myself love it so. What I personally love about FiA is that each blogger steps up to be a leader, a prominent voice, a whatever you want to call it, whenever they feel like. Sally and I may admin the group, along with Chirag, but the actual leadership is one that’s a collective effort. One that’s driven by the foodie passion of the group. And that sort of collective leadership is really rare, in any community, whether offlne or online.

    Thanks for the lovely post, just wish I was there to scoop up some of that ice cream for myself!

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Wow Sizzler – thank you for such a beautiful comment – the longest comment on my blog too:) The fact that each blogger feels this way means that at some point FIA has given them some reason to celebrate… and yes, I do love the way each one has a different story to tell…

      Will freeze up (can’t say will cook up or stir up) some for you once we’re back:)

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