The last few posts of mine have been featuring food from practically every kitchen in Dubai excepting mine. No, there is no major construction and repair work going on in my kitchen. Neither have I stopped creating recipes. In-fact I have been clicking away and my blog-queue is longer than the post-summer immigration lines in Dubai Airport. The Z-SISTERS have been keeping me too busy, but that is no excuse. This blog started with them towing me anyway. It’s just that I haven’t had the patience to sit back and gather my thoughts as to the proportions and the ingredients that have been going into my cooking.

The following recipe was cooked up in a frenzy. Thought of in seconds, re-created in the kitchen in minutes and captured by my camera  – all in exactly 1 hour. I want some Kiwis going down into the Z-SISTERs’ tummy without burning their gums and throats. They are always complaining that Kiwis leave their mouths sore.

Kiwi is a superfood. Originally called the Chinese Gooseberry and later the ‘sunny peach’, this fruit was renamed the Kiwi by New Zealand natives after their national bird. Would you believe that there are over 400 varieties of Kiwis? And what fascinates me is the fact that Kiwis grow off vines, much like grapes. I would actually love to see them – such big fruits hanging from delicate looking but perhaps very hardy vines! You’ll get more nutritional facts on Kiwis here. And for the kid’s version of the same (which I prefer more since they are more comprehensible) please click here.

This dish is devoid of any complexities or paraphernalia. As always, it’s got all the characteristics of recipes doling out of our little hands, big hearth
♥ Easy to cook
♥ Regular canned products off the shelf may be used (However, we advocate using fresh products)
♥ Goes well both as a regular or party dish
♥ Children can easily help in making the dish (My two little sous-chéfs are aged 8 and 3 years!)
♥ And lastly, guaranteed to be tasty!

For the printable recipe→

Crusted Paneer Potato with Kiwi Sauce

Category – Side-Dish ; Grilled

Serves 6-8

Preparation time: 45 minutes – 1 hour (sauce preparation – 15 minutes; cooking – 10 minutes; grilling – 20 minutes)

Fresh Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese – 250gms, cut into flat thin squares
Onions – 2 large cut into thin slices
Potatoes – 2 large
Cream – 1/2 cup
Green Kiwis – 5 pieces
Low fat Cheese – 3 slices
Butter – 1 tbsp
White Oil – 2 tbsp
Pepper – As per taste
Salt – As per taste
Brown Sugar – 1tsp (Grandma’s secret to get the right taste – a bit of sweetness strengthens the taste of any dish. However, please refrain from the lady’s cooking tips if it costs your health ♥)

Method of Preparation

Mashed Potato
– Boil the Potato (Takes about 5 – 7 minutes in the Microwave but do make sure that it is covered with enough water so that the boiled potato doesn’t become hard-crusted)
– Hand-mash the Potato, do not purée in the blender (we want this coarseness!)
– Add Salt, Pepper, Butter and a bit of Cream (optional) to the mash and mix it further

Method of Preparation

The Kiwi Sauce
– Scoop out the flesh from the Kiwi halves and put purée it in a blender
– In a flat bottomed-frying pan, add White Oil and fry the Onions till they are crisp and golden
– Add the Kiwi Purée to the pan and bring it to a boil (it hardly takes minutes so please don’t blink – the purée might get burnt very fast)
– Add the Cream
– Add Sugar, Salt and Pepper and blend them all in
– Let the Sauce thicken while it simmers at at the lowest mark

Method of Preparation

The Final Dish
– Heat White Oil in a flat-bottomed pan. Fry the Paneer slices till they are slightly golden in colour (we don’t want it to be crispy and hard as we will be putting the entire dish in the grill. Almost like searing as it is done to a meat or fish for some good crusting)

The Layering
– Layer the bottommost layer of a flat-bottomed oven-proof dish with the Mashed Potato
–  Then add the brown crusty Paneer. Sprinkle a bit of Salt and Pepper on this layer
– Add the Cheese Slices
– Add the Onion slices
– Put the dish in a pre-heated Oven (200° F) for 10 minutes
– Pour the Kiwi Sauce on top

The Garnishing
You may garnish with more fried onions on top. The slightly sweet and equally tangy Kiwi Sauce gives a lovely twist to the Crusted Paneer and Mashed Potato beneath. Let the taste direct you to the accompaniments. Do you want to pair this dish with some Garlic Bread or eat it as a stand-alone dish? The choice is yours. Leave the decision making on your taste-buds!

The following is a pictorial journey of the dish. I hope my camera gets the creamy textures and the tints correctly. Enjoy the journey…

Crusted Paneer Potato with Kiwi Sauce

So, did some Kiwis manage to go into the tummies of the Z-SISTERS? Well, not only did they go in the first time around, it also went in many more times hence after. I am obviously a happy Mum. And yes, this is another dish that I want to cook up for our closest pals who are vegetarians and who are always complaining that I feed them the standard Mutter Paneer/Paneer with Peas (a traditional Indian dish) every time they come home. So move aside Mutter Paneer. Here comes the Crusted Paneer Potato with Kiwi Sauce!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

Disclaimer: I hope you enjoy reading the posts with lot of visuals. While you enjoy seeing them please don’t use them. You can see more pictures of my travel and food journey here.


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14 Comments on “Crusted Paneer Potato with Kiwi Sauce

  1. Wow Ishita, happy to be here. What a space you have created, what a corner of our new found cyberspace! This is a very interesting recipe with beautiful photography. Keep the inspiration coming and remember to send it our way. Peace and light, lee

  2. Ishita this is such a gloriously creative and wonderful looking recipe! Great work on getting it out so quickly – and happy to hear it was devoured 🙂 I think we can all see why! X

    • Thanks Shira. I think the greed to win some prizes egged me on. But then again come to think of it I am more than glad that the recipe was created as the Z-SISTERS loved it!

  3. Wow, never realised you can make the humble kiwi into such an interesting dish for the kids. Healthy and yummy

    • Thank you Chandana… a comment after a very long time. Good to hear from you. Humble Kiwi – defreckled and kid-friendly:)

  4. If this is not a winner what is- I can taste it by going through the words.

    • Only a friend can do this – put you high up, higher than the highest cloud. So you know what is there in store for you guys the next time you come home:)

  5. Loving the flavours on this one! Such a creative dish, and your photography makes it all look so incredibly good! Thanks for the recipe, looking forward to making this one 🙂

  6. Loved this post Ishita..beautiful pictures complimenting an innovative dish. Even my kiddo always complains of sore mouth after eating this will be a perfect recipe to feed her some kiwis.

    • Thank you Raji:) Yeah, it was lovely actually – a bit sweet, a bit tangy and the Z-SISTERS definitely didn’t complain. Do let me know once you have tried:)

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