Food e Mag dxb, Ramadan Issue[Edited on 5th Nov, 2014: Food e Mag dxb now has its own inbuilt reader in its own website. There have been a few changes in the Editorial team.]

This is the Ramadan edition of Food e Mag dxb , the magazine that I have been co-editing with my talented blogger friend, The Hedonista. If you still want to know about why it all happened, what the magazine is it all about and how it all happened, you can read the history here. Time does fly and the third issue is also out. This issue, we bring you more traditional Arabic recipes, and combine them with some others a little out of the box, but still very appropriate to serve for an Iftar or Suhoor meal. We also have some tips for fasting, ideas that will help those of you joining in to get through the day. Instead of restaurant reviews, this month we give you five Emirati restaurants you must try, plus a rundown on Iftars and Suhoors around Dubai, and for those who don’t fast, a list of restaurants where you can grab a sneaky mid-day snack… courtesy all our contributing Fooderati Arabia bloggers. A peep into the editorial… and do join in the special Iftar giveaways that I have been organising on my social media platforms. Have a blessed month!

Unblogging it all… IshitaEditorial of Food e Mag dxb

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Dislaimer: Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the subject, story, opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. While you enjoy reading the posts with lot of visuals, please do not use any material from this post. You can catch my daily travel and food journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

38 Comments on “Food e Mag dxb | The Ramadan Issue

  1. Travelling is my passion, having good food is my weakness… Both put together is a quest completed by FoodeMag dxb. The essence of true foodie is brought to light and one reflects on all possibilities of how much more world cuisine can delight us. The magazine captures ethnicity, cultural aspect, originality, story behind every dish. I must say blogging about food isn’t as simple as the final outcome but every article in FoodeMag is like spice that adds color and flavour to every dish.

  2. Its alwz a pleasure to read yr take on different cuisines Ishita. Yr write ups inspires many a foodie like me …!

  3. Food and travel combined are two amazing things that I’d always look forward to do and experience. Being to places and trying out local food is one great adventure that must be experienced.

  4. Very informative food and travel magazine

  5. Love the fact that this magazine is always full of great informative stuff.I love it as i am a foodoholic.Great recipes and food to try out this Ramadan.

  6. Thanks ishita for a very elaborate list of places that hold the best iftaars and suhoors. This is my first time in the UAE and I have taken a liking of middle eastern cuisine. Your list has just awakened the foodie in me. <3

  7. Very informative for foodies like me love your reviews too ishita

  8. Ramadan Kareem

    I love food hence i like everything related to it 😀

  9. Food E mag is informative, clever and an interesting read for anyone who loves food! E mag is an amazing platform to share recipes, interact with fans and yes learn about only love 😉

    Monica Ramesh

    • I find it to be a great interactive media too… where you can link it up to the source of information etc. Thanks for hopping in:)

  10. A perfect gateway to all the best suhoors/iftars in town..

  11. Foodemag is a great platform for local food bloggers. The Ramadan issue is indeed nice, containing the spirit of this holy month with the Arabic recipes & preview of emirati restaurants! I wish your team success & In sha Allah hoping you will launch a print edition pretty soon as well 😉

    • I may sound pretty old school, but I actually prefer a print magazine! The feel of flipping through pages, manually bookmarking your fav recipes or tearing them out & collecting in your personal recipe book. Just love that feeling 🙂

    • Thanks Insiya… not too sure whether we will be launching a print edition…. the beauty of the magazine is that it is online and interactive, linking the readers to the blogs etc.

  12. Luv to read yr blog alwz dear Ishita…… keep it Up (Y)

  13. Love ur updates and always enjoy each and every pics of the Recent post of Calcatta …!!best wishez..and now only 8 days remaining for Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr !! 🙂

  14. Online magazine is so much better, easily acessible no matter where you are. Friendlier in terms of looking out for indepth info on a review. But sometimes i can be abit of an Old school and opt for the print magazine.

    • Thank you for being honest… I am a bit of a old school type, preferring to hold my copy over kindle. But I am slowly giving in!

  15. Very interesting indeed. great job dear ishita 🙂

  16. Reading is my hobby. Your blog is very informative and educational

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