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2015, You have just only begun!

Welcome to a a brand new issue of Foode Mag dxb in the brand new year and hop onto the amazing Food e Mag dxb website with an inbuilt reader … exclusive write ups, inspiring healthy recipes, a peep into the markets, the most delicious venues around the city, new launches, food events, food walks, some serious food porn and more… we have tried to include everything that you might need to impart freshness into the new year. Also, keep yourself registered with us, and you stand a chance to something very special and extraordinary culinary experiences through out the year!

What’s inside this issue?

Sally Prosser (My Custard Pie) writes on Super foods while Noreen Wasti (Noni’s Place) stirs up #TablePorn ideas with ‘real food’, beautiful salads are created by Anja Schwerin (Anja’s Food 4 Thought), flavours of Miso soup explained by Drina Cabral (Eaternal Zest). And then, we toss out all the above for Gbemi Giwa (Dubai Fit Foodie)’s Pancakes! In our Kid’s Column, Prachi Grover (Orange Kitchens) talks about her Real Food Workshop as part of her role as the Brand Ambassador of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. In our #Ingredients section, Debbie Rogers (author of Coffee Cakes and Running and our Travel & features Editor) writes about Honey while the artisan chef Dima Sharif meets up with the honey man himself – Riath Hamed of Balqees Honey. Francesca Verrucci (Kitchen in the Sands) signs off the honey topic by sharing an inspired recipe with honey. Driving away – we also had the privileged access to visit the Camelicious farm… so are we toying with Camel Milk in our next issue then? In our Cookbook section, Debbie Steedman (The Real Geordie Armani) writes about Paul Hollywood’s British Baking, while I just couldn’t help but show off my hobnobbing with celebrity chefs Greg Malouf and Vineet Bhatia!

Coming to #DubaiDining, Radhina Almeida Coutinho (Platetrotter) sets off for the Food Lovers’ Morning March with Frying Pan Adventures. In our #ChefInterview, Debbie Rogers chats with Nusret Gokce of Nusret fame, and we peep into the #NewLaunches that Dubai has been talking about lately – Omnia by Silvena, Junoon, Sea Fu, Tribeca and China Grill. In our epic round up sections, Sarah Walton (The Hedonista) writes a brilliant article Dubai Cuts The Fat explaining the different food terminologies – organic to bio-dynamic, Palio to Macrobiotic and more. She also painstakingly chalks out the Dubai eateries which serves you these terms (too many of them to jot down here). On a *love*lier note, Jasmine Pereira (Pear Tree Diaries) talks about all the different venues that have been serving us love this Valentine’s Day – whether it is French, Italian, Spanish or the Desi style (again too many to jot down!). With the Chinese New Year around, we pick out Long Yin in Le Meridien Airport, Atlantis and Mekong in the Anantara The Palm to energise us with the charms from the East. Isn’t Food Art too? We are awed by the Pavlova at Bushman’s and the Chat Trolley at Trésind which inspires as well as stimulates all our senses. And last but not the least can Dubai Dining be ever complete without having our top picks at the ongoing Dubai Food Festival?

Technology rules food as well… and the big news here are Zomato going cashless, Entertainer launching it’s fine dining App and Restaurant Buzz Awards, the first ever social dining awards in this region. We rewind on a few events that we have been part of – Apéritif à la Française 2015, launch of Malabar Chef Premium Basmati Rice and many such other events. Pause… relax… a mini Coffee and a Chai break… Debbie Rogers shows us the yet-to-be-opened Coffee Museum and hops into a few cafes across Dubai – Java Jolt in DSO to Brew in Jumeirah Beach Road. And for Chai, its the Shai Salon at the Four Seasons Dubai that has us locked!

Moving on to Abu Dhabi, we are super excited with the food convoys that have parked for the Abu Dhabi Food Festival. As always, Rupal Bhatikar (Foodie N Fabulous) takes us through the brunch at Koi and thrills us with some Sushi Art.

Yes, our Culinary Travel ideas take the cue from our Food Walk in Dubai. The award winning International blogger from India – Kalyan Karmakar (Finely Chopped) writes about exploring the cities of Seville, Prague and Mumbai through Food Walks along with Shibaji Ghosh who writes on the heritage walk from Bengaluru – The Oota Walks. Debbie Rogers also shares her inspirational climb to Mt Kilimanjaro and shares the lesson she learns on ‘Attitude and not the Altitude’. Saving the best for the last… the beautiful food at Omnia by Silvena graces our #FoodPorn section while the very talented Noreen Wasti stuns the limelight as the #BloggerInFocus.

Hope that we are able to inspire you a bit more with every issue and let’s trend #foodemagdxb and #foodinspiration. The previous issues stacked in our virtual shelves, compare if you like)!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

Disclaimer: Cover page credit – Noreen Wasti. The next issue is going to be the Spring issue of Food e Mag dxb and will be published in the 1st week of April, 2015. For editorial queries, email me and for all other marketing and advertorial info, email at Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the subject, story, opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. While you enjoy reading the posts with lot of visuals, please do not use any material from these posts. You can catch my daily food and travel journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Contributors in this issue (most of them are from Fooderati Arabia):

Anja Schwerin… Anja’s Food 4 Thought
Dima Sharif… Dima’s Kitchen
Debbie Rogers (Travel & Features Editor)… Coffee Cakes and Running
Debbie Steedman… The Real Geordie Armani
Drina Cabral… Eaternal Zest
Francesca Verrucci… Kitchen in the Sand
Gbemi Giwa… Dubai Fit Foodies
Jasmine Pereira… Pear Tree Diaries
Kalyan Karmakar… Finely Chopped
Noreen Wasti… Noni’s Place
Prachi Grover (Kids’ Columnist)… Orange Kitchens
Radhina Almeida Coutinho… Platetrotter
Rupal Bhatikar… Foodie N Fabulous
Sally Prosser (Food Sourcing Expert)… My Custard Pie
Sarah Walton… The Hedonista
Shibaji Ghosh… The Oota Walks

and of course myself!


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