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A Riot of Colours | Kolkata Kaleidoscope

Holi… a riot of colours. It doesn’t have to be Holi to bring on a riot of colours in the city which has raised me. Kolkata. Perpetually on a roller coaster. Perpetually on a riot of colours. Millions of colourful memories occupying gigabytes of memories in the computer. Hundreds of unwritten posts. It is impossible to capture the city in all it’s essence but the images that constantly haunt me are the images from it’s streets, markets, strong faiths (make shift temple under a banyan tree, or in the dashboard of a taxi), decadent buildings, people, the stiff nosed club culture… a riot of colours… and the evening ice lolly indulgences from the ice cream vendors. This post has been inspired by the amazing blogger and friend Sarah Walton aka The Hedonista’s last year’s post on Holi… where she has captured her travels around the world through different colours – yellow, blue, red, green and pink. I had put it down in my diary as a must-do-a-similar-kind-of-a-post. But as most resolutions are to be broken, most checklists also remain unchecked – I couldn’t conjure up my travels through a single post. I closed my eyes and all that came to my mind was Kolkata in a kaleidoscope. For those who are not initiated to Kolkata at all, I would suggest that you book the ‘Confluence of Cultures’ walking tour with Ifthekar Ahsan and his Calcutta Walks (a few pictures in this post are from the my walk) which will take you though the different cultures and the communities that have influenced Kolkata through the ages – from Chinese, Parsi, Armenian, Muslim, Marwaris, Biharis… more and more colours than you can ever imagine. No special Holi recipes like the colourful Kulfis this time. Instead, I am capturing Kolkata, the city that I grew up, through a riot of colours, keeping food pictures to the bare minimum – as otherwise, the post would naturally tilt towards food. Here’s wishing happiness and colour into your lives… Happy Holi Everyone!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

Colour on People

Colour on the walls

Colour in motion

Colour on the walls

Colour of food (a mini preview)

And then there is the Kolkata Police

and the Five-Star street saloon

and then the rains.

Last but not the least, the colour of heritage – Howrah Bridge!

PS: Recipes in this blog that will sweeten up your Holi…

Bhapa Mishti Doi
Firni or Ferni
Gulab Jamun Rabri
Gajorer Payesh/Carrot Pudding
Kulfis | Celebrating The Colours Of Holi!
Semaiya Kheer/Vermicelli Pudding
Shondesh/Sandesh Pudding

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