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    Anjeer Ki Chutney or Fig Chutney | A Sanjeev Kapoor’s Recipe

    My Mum has just arrived from Kolkata today. And if you think that the next few days of our kitchen lives will be spent smelling Mustard Oil and cooking Bengali food – absolutely not. On the contrary, I’ll be looking out for non-Bengali or non-Indian recipes from all my cookbooks. The good thing about this? I’ll probably be handling a lot of cookbooks that otherwise remain stacked on my bookshelves like showpieces! She needs a Chutney everyday after her meal (a Bengali after all) but she wouldn’t like a Bengali Chutney. Don’t get my Mama wrong – she loves Bengali food but she gets tired of cooking and eating it…

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    Sense On The Edge @ZighyBay | Slow Life, Sustainable Menu & Fattoush

    A restaurant perched on a cliff top, 293m above sea level, each dish served like an artwork and accompanied by ‘Let me explain to you what is this dish Sir/Madam’ – this is Sense on the Edge, which has bagged the Middle East Hotel Awards 2012 for the Best Restaurant. An al-fresco dining on the terrace overlooking the Bay of Oman with the lights from the resort and the adjacent Zighy Village glittering like fireflies from below, this is surely the Omani Amalfi Coast! Sadly, the distance and the location doesn’t allow a sudden dropping in for a random meal, though I’ll be tempted to do so, every month on…

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    Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman | Appealing To More Senses Than Six!

    This is one of those unforgettable holidays for a long time to come. Zighy Bay – tucked away in the Musandam Peninsular in Northernmost part of Sultanate of Oman that juts out into the Strait of Hormuz, at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. It is hidden from the rest of the world by the breathtaking Hajar Mountains. This place is a surprise gift, waiting to be unwrapped. The journey to the place is as breathtaking as our stay in the rustic yet luxurious, understated yet exotic, luxury Eco Resort – Six Senses Zighy Bay. Many moons back, before the Z-Sisters had come into our lives, we used to regularly…