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My Kolkata Konnection

Kolkata is my city, my home. It stirs up my emotions, it stirs up my soul. The city at dusk through the heavy dark thunder clouds, the incessant noise from the crowded streets, the familiar and the unfamiliar faces, the multiple options of local savouries, the hurtling riot of colours – these rejuvenate me. Born and brought up for the most part in Kolkata, my Bengali genes are to be blamed not only for my relentless creative pursuits but also my unsatiated taste-buds. Wherever I go or whichever city I have lived in and set up our homes later in my life, there has always been a reference to something or someplace or somebody or some incident in Kolkata.

My affection for Kolkata baffles me. It amuses me and irritates me. Imagine finding Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, to be similar to water-logged North Kolkata. That is definitely not a romantic idea of a few Euros well spent, is it? My friends who have no prior experience of Kolkata, often ask me – ‘What do you like about Kolkata?’or ‘Hey, we want to visit Kolkata. What do you suggest we should see?’ These questions make me nervous as well as excited. Nervous, because I want them to love my Kolkata. Excited, because I have a never ending things-to-do-list which I have to always hand over!

For me, the only way to experience Kolkata is to feel the city, live the city. And that is as good as living in a kaleidoscope. For those who haven’t had any prior ‘Kolkata’ experience, I hope I can show them the true Kolkata – in my way. For, I cannot ever severe my soul Konnection. I know that’s not the Korrect spelling but Connection with a K is the only random thing that matches up to the chaos that is my city, Kolkata!

You can read all about me here, why and how I started this blog, and what do I do to earn a living! Dubai is currently my adopted home and most of the food posts have been juxtaposed against my Kolkata nostalgia or my living experiences in the UAE. In most of my writings, culture, history, recipes, food stories and nostalgia – even about my childhood in Kolkata, unfold amidst the urban backdrop of Dubai. Hence, sometimes I’ve not been able to clearly demarcate between Dubai and Kolkata posts. All blogposts revolve around the following categories – Recipes, Reviews, Interviews, Food Events and Culinary Travel, click here to read. II have also tried to compile all posts falling under the categories of Dubai here, Kolkata here and everything I have written beyond Dubai and Kolkata, is listed here. Also to find all the posts written so far, in a chronological manner, click here. Please note that some of my posts have been written as early as 2011 and there could have been changes in the restaurants and places mentioned (some may have shut shop, others have changed location, or simply lost their earlier ethos). Updating more than 300 blogposts can be quite a task… but I am trying to do update/edit as much as I can, so bear with me if there are any inconsistencies in some of my earlier posts!

Where to Eat in Kolkata – Streetfood

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Where to Eat in Kolkata – Restaurants

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Things to do in Kolkata

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Growing up in Kolkata – Memories & Recipes

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Bengali Cuisine

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Dacres Lane | Introducing Kolkata street food in BBC Travel Show UK
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Tracking My Footprints

The World Awaits for me to wander. ‘It’s a new world – it’s a new start/ It’s alive with the beating of young hearts… Here I am…’ Artist: Bryan Adams from the Movie ‘Spirit’. That is the idea behind the title of the Parent Category under which all the posts are listed and photos are cataloged.

Following are the various places in the world that I have visited: Tracking My Footprints

Following are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that I have visited:
In India
In Asia (outside India)
In Europe

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