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Rasgulla Macapuno On TV & Shubho Bijoya to all

Rasgullas are made from balls of Chhana/Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese or Ricotta Cheese and Suji/Semolina dough. Then these soft and spongy balls are cooked in a sugar syrup. The quality of the channa is vital in making of soft rasgullas, as I realised while making rasgullas at home. A few months ago my Rasgullas or Roshogollas was aired on Noor Dubai TV and Dubai One during Ramadan (above … Read More Rasgulla Macapuno On TV & Shubho Bijoya to all

+ Traditional Bengali Meal thali for Shubho Noboborsho

Traditional Bengali Cuisine | All The ‘Slight’ Details

A guide to traditional Bengali cuisine which is vast and elaborate. Every time someone asks me, ‘What comprises Bengali Cuisine?’, I falter for a while as there is no simple answer to that. There are so many layers to the cuisine, so many regional variations and if we probe into the evolution of the cuisine, it will also reflect the history of Bengal.

+ Baked Gulabjamun Radri

Gulab Jamun Rabri

This blog is inspired by people, places and memories. Recipes created by friends or at our own humble kitchen. Totally unplanned, this post comes as a sudden spurt as we go to our friends house for lunch. The Nevatias are Marwaris from Kolkata. Originating from the former princely state of Marwar, in the Rajasthan area in India, Marwaris have traditionally been traders and have … Read More Gulab Jamun Rabri

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Bengali Sweets That Came By Parcel!

I have just explored my photographic and nostalgic journey into the world of Rôshogolla or Rasgulla – probably the most famous Bengali Sweet in my previous article. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect another volatile mission so soon with my camera and my blogging – on one of my favourite topics – Bengali Sweets. That too traditional Bengali Sweets. But then not … Read More Bengali Sweets That Came By Parcel!