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    Anjeer Ki Chutney or Fig Chutney | A Sanjeev Kapoor’s Recipe

    My Mum has just arrived from Kolkata today. And if you think that the next few days of our kitchen lives will be spent smelling Mustard Oil and cooking Bengali food – absolutely not. On the contrary, I’ll be looking out for non-Bengali or non-Indian recipes from all my cookbooks. The good thing about this? I’ll probably be handling a lot of cookbooks that otherwise remain stacked on my bookshelves like showpieces! She needs a Chutney everyday after her meal (a Bengali after all) but she wouldn’t like a Bengali Chutney. Don’t get my Mama wrong – she loves Bengali food but she gets tired of cooking and eating it…

  • Locavorism, Friday Market & Tok Palong/Sour Spinach Chutney
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    Locavorism, Friday Market | Tok Palong/Sour Spinach Chutney

    Tok Palong/Sour Spinach (above) is a variant of the leafy green Spinach that we are so familiar with. Resembling more like Baby Spinach, these leaves are sour even when they are uncooked. Absolutely new to me, my taste-buds are totally thrilled with this new discovery. And no, I haven’t seen these Spinach variant in any supermarkets in Dubai. I got them from the vegetable market that we always stop at when we head towards the East Coast of UAE – the Friday Market in Fujairah.One of our favourite drives away from the glitzy sky-scraper donned urban landscpae of Dubai is this Friday Market. Takes about an hour to drive to…

  • Featured Blog on Foodie BlogRoll & Mango Chutney
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    Featured in Foodie BlogRoll & Green Mango Chutney!

    I feel like a Chutney at this moment and hence this special post on a traditional Bengali Green Mango Chutney or Kaancha Aamer Chutney! Why Chutney? Well, to be honest Chutney is the only thing that can describe how I feel at this moment. My blog is being featured in this week’s FoodieBlogroll’s Featured Blogs! What does this mean to me? It means that somewhere down the blogging journey, special moments like these will add more spice, more spunk to my writing, bring in more readers. What’s the other alternative? Well, I could be standing in the highway with a poster – Buddies, Please Read My Blog! I’m trying to…