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Singapore At Night

If I were to write down what we did in Singapore, where we went and what should be done – would you all be really interested? You can get all information regarding flight tickets, hotel deals, things to do and see in Singapore over the internet. Plus you can just pick up the printed fliers on Singapore while peeping into a travel agency. Then … Read More Singapore At Night

+ Tiger Prawn @ Newton Food Court

Eating Out Is A National Pastime – Singapore

Singaporean Food: Singaporean cuisine is known for it’s ethnic diversity and is influenced by different cultures from different countries. For example – the native Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai, Filipino, Middle-Eastern and also the English and Portuguese cuisines (the last two due to Singapore’s colonial history with these two countries) influence the local food. Eating joints at hawker centres or food courts are more … Read More Eating Out Is A National Pastime – Singapore