• Srilankan Lamprais cooked at home
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    For the love of Lamprais… and Srilanka

    Cooking Srilankan Lamprais at home… what a delicious and elaborate tribute to the country where we set up our first home – Srilanka! On the day of Guru Purnima when one pays homage to their gurus or teachers, I wanted to pay homage to a country that has taught me a lot – Srilanka! I cooked Lamprais and Deviled Prawns at home, both very popular Srilankan dishes… delicious and elaborate tributes to the country where we set up our first home. Lamprais is a rice preparation where Kaha Bath or yellow rice, along with Lampara meat curry, fried plantain cooked in coconut curry, Wambatu Moju or an eggplant preparation, seeni…

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    Living By The Water With Sunset As Prop – Colombo & the Indian Ocean

    Image: IshitaPhotoIdeas A little foreword The New Year ushered in on a reflective mood with ripples and reflections of the four different cities that we have set our homes in at different point in our lives. These cities have shaped our lives and probably our future destinies as well. However, I realised that two things were common to all the four cities – We were always living BY THE WATER! We were always facing the WEST  – hence SUNSET became the most necessary prop in all my emotional interludes at all stages of my life! Our homes by the water had been – Kolkata & the Ganges Colombo & the…

  • Bright coloured tuk-tuks on Srilankan roads
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    Red Tuk-Tuks & Triumphant Rides in Colombo… Our Very Own Auto-Rickshaws In Kolkata

    Tuk-tuks in Srilanka Tuk-tuk, as it’s lovingly called, is our very well known auto-rickshaw! Tuk-tuk is a beautiful name, absolutely lyrical & musical. The heroine (I refuse to believe that the tuk-tuk is male!) of today’s post is very significant. Why the tuk-tuk? Because it reminds me of situations which are extreme deviations from the world that is flashing across the television screen right in front of my eyes – The Royal Wedding! The royal guests are all pouring in and the royal relatives arriving from the Buckingham Palace in their fleet of royal cars – the Rolls Royces, the Jaguars, the Range Rovers, the Maybachs etc. The bells of…