• Rasgulla Macapuno - a fusion dessert with popular Bengali sweet Rasgulla and Filipino favourite Macapuno
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    Rasgulla Macapuno – When a Filipina Turns into a Bong

    Rasgulla Macapuno is our fusion dessert inspired by Rasgulla, the popular Bengali sweet and Macapuno, the sweetened tender coconut flesh used in several Filipino desserts. This recipe has been aired on Dubai One TV for a special Ramadan Episode. I am back to Rasgullas once again. Being a Bengali doesn’t take you too far away from them. Rasgulla or Rôshogolla is a very famous Bengali Sweet and probably one of my favourite topics to explore and experiment. I have previously written an essay on it. Today’s recipe is very close to my heart as it involves my Lady M, our Filipina nanny without whom my endless photographic sessions on food…