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    Pudding of Love | Mum-In-Law’s Special Caramel Custard

    Again a folder full of unpublished drafts – each draft vying for equal attention. How could this delicious wonder remained lying in the folder – all because Mum-in-law wasn’t sure about the proportions of this recipe. Like most recipes of hers. And like most mums of her generations. No ifs and buts, no guessing… the measurements have to be perfect. And hence, the perfect recipe for a perfect pudding, oozing out love – the motherly love. The love that went into the making of her epic pickles and the same love that went into the hours of standing and finally goading the neighborhood Phuchkawala for the recipe of the perfect…

  • Hot Garlic Pickle
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    Hot Garlic Pickle | The Pickled Diary – Episode 1

    Hunger is the best pickle. ∼ Benjamin Franklin Mother (-in-law) Of All Pickles! My last post was called Pickles… Mother (-in-law) Of All Pickles! It was a loving post dedicated to my Mum-in-law who loves collecting recipes. Some would term this as an obsession. This obsession extends mainly to collecting recipes more than actually executing them! She has many hand-written notebooks where she writes down all the recipes that she collects. And one such notebook is her ‘Diary of Pickles’. I call this diary the Mother of all Pickles, or rather Mother (in-law) of all pickles. Instead of writing these recipes down if she had started typing them in from…

  • Recipe of Aam Dal or the Bengali Green Mango Dal
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    Aam Dal or Mango Lentil Soup – A summer combat

      Aam Dal or the Mango Lentil Soup is very easy to make. Green mangoes are also therapeutic in nature and keeps the body temperature down, precisely why the recipe must have originated in some Bengali kitchen during the sweltering summer heat. Summer is slowly waltzing into Dubai. A few more days and suddenly the celsius scale would be touching the 40ºC on a regular basis. I have spent so many summers in Dubai, yet the temperature in any random summer day still shocks me every time I know the exact magnitude of it. Conversations with other mums on school runs during the summer while picking up the Z-Sisters sound…