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+ Traditional Bengali meal for Noboborsho or Bengali New Year

Celebrating Bengali New Year and Tamil New Year at home

Shubho Noboborsho! Wishing all of you on the occasion of Bengali New Year. Also wishing everyone for the other Indian regional New Years like Ugadi, Puthandu, Vishu , Baisakhi, Vihu, Gudi Padwa and others. If you aren’t celebrating a New Year… may we simply celebrate life!  A new dawn and a beautiful morning… and some behind the scenes hustle We are blessed with stunning … Read More Celebrating Bengali New Year and Tamil New Year at home

+ Traditional Bengali food in my kitchen in Chennai home

Finally calling Chennai home

Wishing you all health and happiness for the New Year, from our new home as we start a new chapter in a new city… Chennai!

+ Bengali Taler Bora

Taler Bora or Palm Fruit Nuggets, if I may call them so

When Janmashtami or the annual celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna is in full swing, these fried mini Taler Boras make their entry… sweet – bitter – crunchy entry! My attempt at another futile translation… Taler Bora. Palm Fruit Nuggets? The last time when I translated Phulko Luchi to Bengali puffed-up flour flatbread, I was sure that some of Luchi’s crispiness and fluffiness got lost … Read More Taler Bora or Palm Fruit Nuggets, if I may call them so

+ Homemade gurer shondesh

Shubho Noboborsho – Makha Gurer Shondesh and other homemade Bengali sweets

I am sharing the recipe of Makha Gurer Shondesh – it’s pretty easy to make. Made from fresh homemade chhena (cottage cheese), this shondesh is called makha because it is simply kneaded until it is soft and not cooked. If you have shondesh moulds at home, they make pretty shapes too.

Shubho Noboborsho | A traditional Bengali menu for Frying Pan Diaries podcast

Shubho Noboborsho to all! This i my Bengali kitchen with a traditional Bengali menu for a Frying Pan Diaries podcast on Bengali food. Frying Pan Diaries is the 1st food podcast from Dubai with a focus on food stories from the city and the surrounding region hosted by the sister duo of Frying Pan Adventures.


A-Z of Bengali Fish

As an ode to my Bengali heritage, here’s the list… A-Z of Bengali Fish and the best possible preparations for that particular fish. I have listed only the ones where I have had the good fortune of laying my fingers on the fish bones, so a few alphabets are still sitting empty!

+ Bijoya celebrations with sindoor khela with IshitaUnblogged

Shubho Bijoya to all | Immersing in the bond of food and love

Shubho Bijoya! Durga Pujo (wiki at your service) evokes a sense of pride, love and communal feeling among Bengalis, in whichever part of the world they have chosen to call their home. For me, Dubai has been my adopted home at this hour, for the last many hours throughout the last few years.


Food, Love And Good Memories Travelling in My Suitcase!

Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity. ∼ Robert Morgan And maybe packets dripping with sugar syrup and home made sauces, fried fish and random biscuits – all stuffed in a suitcase while flying back to Dubai from Kolkata… rephrasing it… flying back to my adopted home from my childhood home. Expats have an amazing way of converting wherever they are … Read More Food, Love And Good Memories Travelling in My Suitcase!