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+ Khinkali, the Georgian dumpling

Kavtaradzes’ Khinkali in Pasanauri | Our best food memories in Georgia until now

When we stopped for lunch by the roadside family style restaurant Kavtaradzes’ Khinkali in Pasanauri, we were half way through our family vacation in Georgia. I hadn’t planned this particular day to kickstart my Georgian sojourn in my blog. But there wasn’t any other way – as this lunch was the most memorable and inspiring meal amongst all our meals in Georgia – and trust me, each meal in this trip had been a supremely memorable one!

+ Kolkata style spicy Aloor Dum with baby potatoes

Spicy Baby Potatoes or Aloor Dum – Kolkata Street Style!

Here’s a finger licking post of Kolkata street style spicy Aloor Dum! The recipe is adapted from Dilipda, the legendary roadside vendor at Vivekananda Park in Kolkata. His Phuchkas are legendary, and so is his Aloor Dum. Enjoy recreating this roadside classic at home!