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Shubho Noboborsho – Makha Gurer Shondesh and other homemade Bengali sweets

I am sharing the recipe of Makha Gurer Shondesh – it’s pretty easy to make. Made from fresh homemade chhena (cottage cheese), this shondesh is called makha because it is simply kneaded until it is soft and not cooked. If you have shondesh moulds at home, they make pretty shapes too.

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Shondesh/Sandesh Pudding | Guest Post For Cook Like A Bong!

This is a guest post for Sudeshna. Long before my blogging journey began, my association with Cook Like a Bong started just like any other Bengali who’s starting their lives outside the comfort zones of their parents’ home… either because of work or because of marriage. Most Bengali girls (most) grow up with not much knowledge of cooking and the Porashuno or studying becoming … Read More Shondesh/Sandesh Pudding | Guest Post For Cook Like A Bong!

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Bengali Sweets That Came By Parcel!

I have just explored my photographic and nostalgic journey into the world of Rôshogolla or Rasgulla – probably the most famous Bengali Sweet in my previous article. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect another volatile mission so soon with my camera and my blogging – on one of my favourite topics – Bengali Sweets. That too traditional Bengali Sweets. But then not … Read More Bengali Sweets That Came By Parcel!