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    Singaporean Chilli Crab At Chimes | And A Special Blog Giveaway For Valentine’s Day!

    Our one week-long stay in Singapore in August 2011 turned us in total Sea-food and Crab Addicts! Our family, already obsessed with good and tasty food – went ballistic. We ate everywhere – in Chinatown, from the food hawkers at Newton Food Centre, in polished restaurants at the elite Clark Quay and at various food stalls thronging the random alleys in the city. Posts documenting our gastronomical exhilaration – Eating Out Is A National Pastime – Singapore and Singapore at Night. Singaporean Pepper Crab and Singaporean Chilli Crab, the two celebrity Singaporean dishes have crossed the Singaporean boundaries, and have spread across the globe. They have also remained etched in our taste-buds.…

  • Tiger Prawn @ Newton Food Court
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    Eating Out Is A National Pastime – Singapore

    Singaporean Food: Singaporean cuisine is known for it’s ethnic diversity and is influenced by different cultures from different countries. For example – the native Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai, Filipino, Middle-Eastern and also the English and Portuguese cuisines (the last two due to Singapore’s colonial history with these two countries) influence the local food. Eating joints at hawker centres or food courts are more attractive than regular restaurants! Food is a national pastime here – a national obsession. What weather means to England, Food means to Singapore. It is the most discussed topic of conversation and an opening first in any social introduction – ‘Did you try this at such…