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There’s more to Agra than Taj Mahal – for instance, eating

Exploring Agra beyond the Taj Mahal for us would obviously involve eating! Can you believe that there is Chaat Gali, an alley dedicated to Indian street food like chaats, panipuris, rabri, faluda and many more. And of course, there is Mughlai food!

Dacres Lane | Introducing Kolkata street food in BBC Travel Show UK

I introduce #Kolkata street food to Benjamin Zand for the BBC Travel Show. We had the signature pauruti-stew-ghugni and also the khuchuri combo at the famous Chittoda’s restaurant ~ an eating hole in the office district which boasts of a few regular diners who have been visiting the place for the last 40 years!

+ Kolkata style spicy Aloor Dum with baby potatoes

Spicy Baby Potatoes or Aloor Dum – Kolkata Street Style!

Here’s a finger licking post of Kolkata street style spicy Aloor Dum! The recipe is adapted from Dilipda, the legendary roadside vendor at Vivekananda Park in Kolkata. His Phuchkas are legendary, and so is his Aloor Dum. Enjoy recreating this roadside classic at home!