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BBC GoodFood Middle East | Meet the Blogger

I am honoured to be featured in BBC GoodFood Middle East’s August 2012 issue under ‘Meet the Blogger’… a big high indeed!

Ishita B Saha featured in BBC GoodFood Middle East

A few posts down the line, a few blogging ‘good’ friends made down the way, a few inspiring bloggers to look up to, a few ups and downs and some moments of real high. One such high is being featured in BBC GoodFood Middle East‘s August 2012 issue under ‘Meet the Blogger’.

The last page of this issue is very special. It features this blog – the first media mention for the blog! A small peep inside…


To celebrate the above feat, I am sharing a few of my favourite food and travel banters from my blog:

The Abandoned Women Amidst Many Prayers

 The Abandoned Women Amidst Many Prayers

 Momos in Tiretti Bazar – The Last Chinese Remnants!

Rasgulla Macapuno – When a Filipina Turns Bong!

Rasgulla Macapuno - a fusion dessert with popular Bengali sweet Rasgulla and Macapuno, tender coconut meat used in many Filipino desserts

Pickles… Mother (-in-law) of All Pickles

Pickles… Mother (-in-law) Of All Pickles!

The Magistrate’s House, No. 1 Thackeray Road, Alipore – Kolkata

Magistrate's House, No 1 Thackeray Road, Alipore

Things To Do In Dubai – Like A Tourist In My Own City!


I’m signing off on a very happy note. Do keep connected through Email, Facebook and Twitter – I would love to hear from you, your feed-backs and any suggestions that will make this blog more interesting. And different!

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Unblogging it all… Ishita

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