A few posts down the line, a few blogging ‘good’ friends made down the way, a few inspiring bloggers to look up to, a few ups and downs and some moments of real HIGH. One such high is being featured in BBC GoodFood Middle East’s August 2012 issue in ‘Meet the Blogger’. I have always dug myself into this magazine every month – savouring each page with much adulation.

A small peep inside…

The last page of this issue is very special. It features this blog – the first media mention for the blog!


Few of the Food and Travel Banters which are special to me –

The Abandoned Women Amidst Many Prayers

 The Abandoned Women Amidst Many Prayers

 Momos in Tiretti Bazar – The Last Chinese Remnants!

Easter Egg Curry Cooked By Easter Bunnies!

 Easter Egg Curry Cooked By Easter Bunnies!

Rasgulla Macapuno – When a Filipina Turns Bong!

Rasgulla Macapuno – When a Filipina Turns Bong!

Pickles… Mother (-in-law) of All Pickles

Pickles… Mother (-in-law) Of All Pickles!

The Magistrate’s House, No. 1 Thackeray Road, Alipore – Kolkata

 The Magistrate’s House, No. 1 Thackeray Road, Alipore – Kolkata

Things To Do In Dubai – Like A Tourist In My Own City!


I’m signing off on a very happy note. Do keep connected through Email, Facebook and Twitter – I would love to hear from you, your feed-backs and any suggestions that will make this blog more interesting. And different!


Unblogging it all… Ishita


17 Comments on “BBC GoodFood ME, August 2012 | Meet the Blogger

  1. Congrats on making it on a magazine!!;-) awesome job!

  2. Gr8 to see your feature in BBC. Sure ur blog will go a long way. ‘Tis just the beginning 🙂

  3. Wow… I’m just catching up from summer. This is so great. Congrats. You definitely deserve the recognition. You put so much heart and soul into your posts. Cheers!

    • Thank you Wendy! Encouragement and understanding from you all make it even more motivating and the mentions worthwhile:)

      Welcome back!

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