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    Bhapa Mishti Doi and A Food Safari of Bengal | BBC GoodFood ME

    Eid Mubarak and Shubho Bijoya to all of you! Born a Hindu and brought up embracing all faiths, I am always amazed to find how different festivals from different faiths almost always coincide with each other – as if, underlining my belief that we are ultimately bound by only one faith… that of humanity. This year, the pujo bumper came via a feature on me and Bengal in GoodFood Middle East’s 7th Anniversary Bumper issue in Food Safari: Bengal. The article chalks out my childhood, my food and travel memories and Bengali cuisine, followed by the recipes of Bhapa Mishti Doi and Shorshe Bata Salmon or Mustard Salmon (here’s another version of Mustard…

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    Easter Egg Curry Cooked By Easter Bunnies!

    Easter is here. Springtime’s here. Time for the Z-Sisters to get all excited – it’s time for Bunnies to bring in the chocolate eggs. Only this time, I tell them, that there’s going to be no chocolate eggs. The Easter bunnies have learnt to cook and they are going to bring in cooked eggs! ‘I want white eggs!’ says Li’l Zl. Easy – she’s gonna get them. Plain boiled eggs – easy peasy! ‘I want green, no wait, I want yellow!’ screams Big Z. Oh-oh! Okay, fret not. Mum-in-law’s traditional Bengali Egg Curry/Deemer Dalna for her then. But, how do we make green eggs? No food colouring, please. Let’s make…