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    Mums Who Share @JBR | A Charity Initiative

    All my associations – with people, places or moments start with the kitchen. This was no different. It was almost 2 years back that my association with Mums Who Share began. A small email from my good friend Priti initiated me into a group of Mums who would cook food in their kitchens and go and distribute the food among the construction workers in a pre-fixed construction site every Thursday mornings. Along with home cooked meals the workers would also get Pita Breads, chilled juices, one fruit like apples, oranges or bananas, biscuits, fruit yoghurts etc. ‘We cook, We Give, We care’ bragged these Mums and they did exactly that…

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    Notun Gurer Payesh/Traditional Bengali Rice Pudding | Remembering My Dida

    Today’s dish is special and very primitive. The only other way to explain the importance of a traditional Payesh/Rice Pudding is to compare it with Champagne. If you can understand the importance of Champagne to bring in a family celebration then you can probably understand the importance of Payesh. Or say, cutting a cake on a birthday. For a Bengali, a spoonful of Payesh is a must on a special occasion. Also, the first spoon of non-solid food that goes into a Bengali child during Annaprashan or the First Rice is Payesh. Annaprashan’ or the First Rice The first ceremony or celebration that a Bengali child witnesses is Annaprashan or…

  • I do have a story to tell!
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    I Do Have A Story To Tell | Excellence in Storytelling Award!

    Yes, I admit that I have many stories to share. But ‘Tell’ I will not. And that is precisely why I started blogging. From day one I had the above image in mind in various modes – the violet dream/impression mode in my photo-gallery, green day mode in Twitter when I communicate to the outside world, the B/W mode for my Facebook Profile picture as I would love my stories to impart some colour to it. Here, the empty seat is where ‘I’ sit and write. In my thoughts! I also started blogging because I wanted to write and share my stories and not tell and re-tell them to my…