I do have a story to tell!
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I Do Have A Story To Tell | Excellence in Storytelling Award!

Yes, I admit that I have many stories to share. But ‘Tell’ I will not. And that is precisely why I started blogging. From day one I had the above image in mind in various modes – the violet dream/impression mode in my photo-gallery, green day mode in Twitter when I communicate to the outside world, the B/W mode for my Facebook Profile picture as I would love my stories to impart some colour to it. Here, the empty seat is where ‘I’ sit and write. In my thoughts!

I also started blogging because I wanted to write and share my stories and not tell and re-tell them to my friends a million times who had started avoiding me as if I had the infamous Cheese-touch as in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. You can watch here how horrible that can be. And if you are having doubts about whether I can match up to your IQ levels just because I have all the 5 books of Diary of A Wimpy Kid on my bedside table – then please re-consider. I can up-size my reading habits to your adult levels, but can you down-size yours to mine? If you can then well, you are probably already on my side. And if you can’t then I promise you that I have stories in my mind that is probably meant just for you. If they haven’t been published yet, they will soon be. Guaranteed.

If you are wondering where am I venturing today, well this is a bit of an introspection into my own journey jotting down my Travel & Road & Food Banters. Banters or Stories – that is exactly what I had been wanting to share with the following people –

– Like-minded people who wouldn’t close their browser windows looking at my posts just because they are not on cricket or say finance or say movies or say politics or say anything that doesn’t interest them. On the contrary they would, well jump excitedly because I write on travel and food journeys inspired by the people I have come across, the places that I have visited and the moments that have touched my heart

– Kind-Hearted people who will be kind enough to share my story with others

– Generous people who would be generous in leaving a small comment even if it’s a single letter code if they have happened to visit my site so that these comments (good or bad) can motivate me, inspire me and most importantly correct me when I’m astray

– Genuine people who would actually go through my story and then click the ‘LIKE’ button. I agree that everyone knows that I am at an emotional crossroad where I swell with each ‘LIKE’ but if you could please press the ‘LIKE’ button after waiting for about 5-7 minutes rather than 5 seconds of my posting a link. Even though it might be pretentious but I’ll never know that and I’ll genuinely feel elated knowing that you have read my story. Ideally, each story should take more than 5 minutes considering the 4-5 hours that I spend writing it and the minimum 15-20 pictures that accompany each post. But since my photographs are intended to narrate the story as well, it should take a minimum of 5 minutes if you skip the text. A bit more if they stimulate your visual senses. And much longer if they have touched your heart.

And that is when I feel I am rested. I could probably re-write the last line – ‘That is what I want to achieve/obtain/aspire/desire/intend ‘ but lately these words have started to make me feel as if I am a  conniver. I want to believe that my stories are reflecting the same sense of inspiration that had originally inspired me to write them.

I do have a story to tell!

And just when I start to think whether I am reaching out to the like-minded, kind-hearted, generous and the genuine people listed above, something like this happens. A nomination for the Excellence in Storytelling Award! And from whom? A writer and a story-teller herself and someone whose stories have been inspiring me. Dima from Dima’s Kitchen – a lady whose detailed insights into her travel journeys have transported me to the land she has travelled to or fills my senses with the aroma of the cooking and stirring up that she has been doing in the kitchens of quaint, ancient walls of Spanish Gastronomical societies.

And while accepting this nomination I feel the need to explain to a few dear bloggers who had previously nominated me for other blog awards which have humbled me deeply and have made me delirious but at the same time I haven’t gone forward with the requisites of these awards. Ashmita of The Chaotic Soul who had nominated me for the Sunshine Award and The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She calls me IshitaDi (Di, short form of Didi/Sister is a suffix that adds lot of respect and seniority to a person). I have started interacting with Ashmita more than just leave-a-random-comment. She writes about her random daily life in Mumbai – a young, confident girl aspiring to be independent and enjoy life to the fullest. Her posts are like a déja vu – as if they are a reflection of my life a decade back, when I had just finished college and wanted to fly on my own wings and stand on my own feet. Unfortunately Ashmita, you don’t write on Food.

Then there is Tahmina of Kolpona Cuisine who had nominated me for being a Versatile Blogger. Tahmina cooks a whole lot of Bengali food – almost everything that I used to eat in my childhood – she takes me to a nostalgic period where my Mum and my Grand-mum never left their kitchens. She posts almost every other day. I wait for her posts to reach my mailbox. Her posts make me happy. They take me back to my childhood.

And a small note for This aMACEing Life for nominating me for a Liebster Award. Also shimmeshine for nominating me for a Kreative Blogger Award. If only these awards celebrated my designation as a Story-teller I would have immediately filled up the forms. This is not diplomacy. This is plain desperation to make people perceive what I want them to perceive – a story-teller. That’s why I am honoured when Ashmita who doesn’t write about food reads my stories or anyone coming from a different part of the world wants to read my story – the story of a Bengali who is an outsider in Bengal and a quintessential Bengali when outside Bengal, on her journey to becoming a world citizen.

I am reading new blogs everyday, falling in love with some and following them – I have always felt I cannot justify nominating only a few of them. At random moments of emotional vulnerability, I have scouted the Blogosphere for other Bengali Bloggers, just because I want to present Bengali Cuisine, specifically Bengali Fusion food to the world. In my search I have ended up reading and resorting to eCurry, Bong Mom’s CookBook (my eternal search for a Bong Mom ends here!), Sunshine & Smile or Cook Like A Bong. Everyday I am stumbling into more and bookmarking them. The same quest continues with other non-Bengali bloggers as well.

But what’s provided me with a lot of stimulation is my induction into Fooderati Arabia – a group of bloggers who apparently share the issues that I have – OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder). These bloggers have similar repeated thoughts (about food), feelings (about blogging), ideas (about why blogging on food give us solace), sensations and obsessions (photographing the food and dissecting it for digestion and the camera). I am getting to know each blogger and welcome the frills and feelers, support and solidarity that I am expecting them to provide in my blogging journey.

But it all started with one surprise Tweet on a Friday morning from a lady who claims that she practically owns the Custard Pie.

I am nominating her and a few others for this Excellence in Storytelling Award!
Sally Prosser @ My Custard Pie… for capturing the sunlight streaming into her house and spreading that onto her freshly baked loaf of bread and saving me from the misery of continuously thinking that my apartment doesn’t get any direct sunlight pouring in
Arva Ahmed @ I Live In A Frying Pan… for capturing my fancy with the title of her blog, her deliciously crunchy writing skills and humorous posts but mostly because of her random doodling, a hobby that I gave up down the years – when? how? I am not even aware
Sarah Walton @ The Hedonista… for her amazing photographs, sensitive travelogues and the fact that every-time she forces me into re-thinking that you can still narrate a story with as less as one single brilliant photograph which unfortunately I cannot as I’m no Hedonista
Shira @ in pursuit of more. Living With (Just A Little) Less… for inspiring me with each and every post of hers and making me realise that you can get MORE with much LESS.

And finally the lady who nominated me – Dima @ Dima’s Kitchen for sharing her culinary experiences and narrating them in a manner that can only be achieved by being a keen learner and for telling me that I shouldn’t lose my vision and be just myself. Merely thanking her wouldn’t be enough. But I have to admit that I’m excited.

One random thing about myself that I want to share with everyone – I love to write on Bengali Sweets. Particularly Rasgulla or Roshogolla and probably I’ll do something unique and extra-ordinary things on it. In exactly what way I am yet to figure out. Till then you can enjoy a glimpse into the first pages of two of my Rasgulla album!

Unblogging it all… Ishita


  • Sarah

    Aww shucks lady! Same back at you. So glad you have joined our team of merry women, and so glad I am now a regular reader of your own stories. Xx

  • Chandana Roy Chowdhury

    I have to say honestly i have been thinking it is unfair not to leave any comment for all the lovely writting and photography that you share with us. This post touched my heart.

    Your blog feeds my soul. I love reading your experiments and the banter. Your post and a little coffee is the breather for the day. keep writting, keep inspiring.

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Chandana, your comment had left me feeling so overwhelmed. It really touched me so much… and thanks a lot for leaving a comment – see, how else would i know? I had no idea that you have been a regular reader. I’m so touched. And so happy!

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Interestingly another reader Sangita has commented that she reads my blog while drinking coffee – is there something more to the coffee. Maybe it’s the brand of coffee that does the trick:)

  • Dima Sharif

    You have it in you, and every time I read your writing, I can’t help but feel there is a lot of momentum in you that is just warming its way to the surface. I know you are on to great things, so keep writing and keep discovering that is the beauty of the journey.
    Thank you for all the sweet words too.

    PS. I can totally relate with your mental process (the chair) i have something similar lol

  • Ashmita

    ahhh well Ishita Di i was so happy to see this post. well, i dont write on food cuz i need to learn it. the moment i cook sumthng good and think of clicking its picture to write on it, my tummy curse’s me and forces me to eat it… 😛 but i will certainly try for some immature food blogging! let’s see if i can go with it! 🙂

  • wendy@chezchloe

    Yes.. very well said. You do wonder about those ‘likes’ that shoot out of the gate like an enraged bull, your own post hasn’t even reached the inbox yet. I won’t say I don’t like quantity, but I prefer quality. And it is nice when someone comments, to know that they have spent more than the statistical 5 seconds.
    So cheers to blogging and congrats on your recognition and look forward to what’s in store.

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Hey Wendy, haven’t seen much ‘LIKES’ today – I should be deleting that paragraph from the post!!!

      Thanks Wendy – as I have mentioned that blogging has given me some blog friends with whom I have been interacting more than just leave a random comment… you are definitely one of them:)

  • Desi Chick

    Look at you! On your way to fame and fortune. Every step towards having your words read, noticed and acknowledged is a blessing. Keep living out loud!

  • sangita

    Written from the heart Ishita…right combination with my coffee as I wait for the long weekend to end. From someone who still struggles to find words to fill a few sentences describing life as it hits me everyday.

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Another reader Chnadana has commented that she reads my blog while drinking coffee – this is indeed interesting. Maybe it’s the brand of coffee that does the trick:)

      On a serious note, I am so happy and truly blessed. Thank you s much Sangita!

  • getsetandgo

    Hi Ishita… Beautiful post. I so understand what you mean by ppl avoiding you to hear your stories… I started blogging for similar reasons and also for a chance to write something creative I.e apart from my boring sales pitch work emails…. Look forward to more such posts….

  • I Live in a Frying Pan

    You did it. You totally touched my heart with this post. The inner monologue was so frank, so revealing, so…soul-baring…And you have a fantastic way of describing things, from your own emotions to what you read on other blogs. Loved how you described each of us five nominees, and thank you, it was so gracious of you to nominate me!

    On a totally frivolous note, I loved that little doodle up there – did you do it?? It’s lovely!

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Thank you so much Arva. Coming from a blogger whose writings I quite adore this is huge!

      Doodling, yeah I did it – you re-ignited it probably. SO have to give credit to you:)

  • Shira

    Ishita! Beautiful! Your writing is almost esoteric, I love the way it rolls along like a pleasant bubbling stream full of clean, refreshing, and happy sounding water 🙂 Your banters are absolutely lovely to read – and as always I thank you for the wonderful mention – and congratulate you on (all) of yours! So deserved and this post is truly special – more than worthy and deserving of a ‘like’ and a comment no question! 🙂 🙂

    • IshitaUnblogged

      Oh Shira – thank you:) Well, the refreshing and happy sounding water could be a result of reading a few inspiring posts like yours! Always look forward to your posts and you know that already!

  • kankana

    WOW! How do you manage to write so amazing all the time! Love you girl and thanks a bunch for the mention. Keep rocking and keep telling stories 🙂

  • Food Stories

    Just went back and read this post again … Love your writing style and super congrats on your nomination for the FS Award … I’ll get you added to the official nomination page, today 🙂

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