Arabic Meatballs or Dawood Basha and Vermicelli Rice| Recipe From AL Nafoorah, Emirates Towers

Dawood Basha or Arabic Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Category – Side Dish; Cuisine type – Middle Eastern

Courtesy: Chef Ali of Al Nafoorah, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

For the last few days, I have been sharing recipes on everything – Starters, Salad, Main course, Dessert. But today’s recipe comes as a double bonanza as the dish Dawood Basha can only be complemented by another dish – the Vermicelli Rice and I thought that giving out the recipe for just the first one will not make it complete. So, here’s Chef Ali’s recipe of the very traditional Arabic dishes.

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Serves 6 people

Minced Meat – 800gm
Red Onion – 700gm finely sliced
Ghee or Oil – 100gm
Tomato – 600 gm, peeled
Tomato Paste – 70gm
Stock or water – 1l
Salt – 10gm
White Pepper – 5gm
Lemon Juice – 10gm

Method of Preparation
• Add some Salt and Pepper to the meat, Then mix well and then divide into small balls
• Bake the meat or fry in the Ghee
• In a pan add the Ghee. Fry the sliced Onions until they turn golden in color
• Blend the Tomato and add into the Onions. Stir until it starts to boil
• Add the stock, Tomato paste, Salt and Pepper and keep boiling until the sauce thickens and becomes smooth without any lumps
• Add the meat and Lemon juice. Boil for two more minutes and then serve with plain white Rice or Vermicelli Rice

Vermicelli Rice

Category – Rice; Cuisine type – Middle Eastern

Egyptian Rice – 700gm
Vermicelli – 300gm
Ghee – 200gm
Hot Water or Stock – 900ml
Salt – 10gm

Method of Preparation
• Wash the Rice and soak it in cold water for an hour. Strain the water
• Put the ghee in a •pot• and fry the Vermicelli until it turns golden in color
• Add the strained Rice and Salt to the Vermicelli and gently stir in. Drain the water
• Add hot water to the rice
• When the water starts to boil, cover the pot and cook at low seam until the Rice is cooked

Note on the dish
The Vermicelli Rice is also called Roz bil Shaghria and is nice when served with Molokhia and other grills. The Dawood Basha is the Arabic version of Meatballs and has different variations across the region.

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Do join me as I post special recipes from the various signature restaurants in Dubai – each hotel I have contacted have been really gracious and have handed over their special recipe. I hope you try out these recipes (assuming that a restaurant recipe is not difficult to cook!), send me pictures and do keep connected over Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Enjoy your summers and yes, do show off these amazing Arabic dishes – Dawood Basha and Vermicelli Rice to your guests. Happy Cooking!

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